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Help us to help the environment by shopping up to 70% off in our London Lash Outlet!

Did you know there is an estimated 100 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans worldwide?

Each year this plastic debris causes over 1 million marine animals to be killed.

Here at London Lash we want to be part of the change.

For years we have been storing faulty and discontinued lashes in our warehouse. Rather than dispose of them, adding unnecessary waste and plastic to landfill, we have decided to sell the lashes on our website

We would rather the lashes end up in a new home NOT at the bottom of the ocean.

For more information on our Outlet, check out the FAQ's below.


frequently asked questions

How / Why are the lashes faulty?


You may not know this, but all eyelash extension lashes are crafted by hand. There isn't such a thing as a "lash making machine".

Due to the delicate and hand crafted nature of our lashes, there are times when there are inconsistent or faulty batches of lashes.

As there is no machine making the lashes uniform and perfect, the lashes with faults don't get noticed by the factory until AFTER they have been created.

Some of the faults include:

  • Sticky Lash Card
  • Printing fault i.e spelling mistakes
  • The incorrect curl is labelled
  • The wrong thickness is stated

All the lashes that are faulty can be found in the Faulty Products collection above.

All the lashes in this collection have MINOR faults and perfectly fine for practicing OR for use on clients

PLEASE NOTE each specific fault will be stated on the lash listing so you are aware of the fault at point of purchase.


Why are the lashes so cheap?


We want to clarify that we make no profit on the lashes listed for £4.99 or under.

Due to the faults on the lashes, even though they are still in a usable condition, it is unfair for us to profit on these products. The price point of these lashes is set solely to cover the admin and warehouse costs of shipping the items to you.


why are the lashes packaged in plastic?


Your lashes may arrive in plastic boxes instead of the synonymous London Lash cardboard boxes.


The could be for one of two reasons.

1) The lashes you have purchased are old stock. And when we say old, we mean old old! These lashes date back to when London Lash first launched. After we switched over to our cardboard packaging, we had some overstock of our plastic packaged lashes. Rather than disposing of the lashes and adding unnecessary waste and plastic to landfill , we decided to keep selling the lashes on our website at a highly discounted price until they sell out.

2) The lashes you purchased are from our faulty lash stock.All of our products undergo strict quality control BEFORE they leave the factory AND also when they arrive at our warehouse. If the faulty lashes you have purchased arrive in plastic packaging, this is because the fault was identified at the factory. When the fault is identified at the factory, instead of disposing of the lashes and again adding to unnecessary landfill, the factory send the lashes directly to us. More often than not they send the faulty lashes over to us in plastic packaging as it is more cost effective to do so.

TOP TIP!You can re-use and recycle the plastic lash box packaging by creating a storage case for your bobby pins! Once you have finished using the lashes, simply remove the lash card, place your bobby pins inside and et-voila! Your clip storage is ready to go! No more pesky bobby pins being left around the house or getting lost!


are outlet items refundable?


All items in our Outlet including Discontinued Stock and Faulty Products are non-refundable.