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InLei® Brow Bomber Kit - Trainers

Introducing In Lei Brow Bomber Training / Starter Kit.
Everything you need in one kit. Perfect for those who want to get all product to perform Brow Bomber Treatment.
Are you academy? why not to offer In Lei Brow Bomber kits to your students?
Brow bomber Kit includes:
- InLei Brow Bomber Lift 1
- InLei Brow Bomber Lock 2
- InLei Brow Bomber 3 
- InLei Tint Developer
- InLei Tint Brown
- InLei Tint Capuccino
- InLei Brush N1
- InLei Brush Leonardo
- InLei Solo Bowl
- Brow Tweezer (no logo)
- Brow InLei Thread 
- InLei F Brushes
- London Lash Crystal Pen
- London Lash Notebook-Black
-Reusable Paper bag (Large)