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London Lash branded Ceramic Mugs

This is THE mug. 

Yup, you know the mug we mean...

The mug we cup our hands around first thing in the morning, whilst sitting in our studio, savouring the peace and quiet before our first client arrives. 

The mug that contains the precious elixir (ahem..also known as coffee) that fuels us lash technicians for our 12 hour days.

The mug for spilling ALL the tea with your lash sisters (strictly in chatting sense only, please don't actually spill your tea - that would be a waste)

Product Details: 

  • Available in 3 bespoke London Lash designs
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Top Tip! These mugs are not only a must for any London Lash obsessive, they also offer the perfect branding opportunity for lash trainers and salon owners to serve drinks to students / clients in! (Think of the instagram content! 😉)