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Brow Xenna® Oxygen Dye for Eyebrows & Lashes

Want a smarter solution for tinting eyebrows and eyelashes? Then look no further!

Brow Xenna OXYGEN O2 is a NEW non-ammonia dye based on molecular colouring technologies. It contains colouring nano-molecules and consists of oat proteins, liquid silk, panthenol, vitamins, and keratin. It's a innovative formula that contributes to stable and even colouring whilst protecting the hairs during the colouring process.

Available in 4 easily customisable shades:

  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Brown
  • Warm Walnut


ВLACK 2.07

Perfect for eyebrows and eyelashes that desire a deep and intense colour! It provides a reliable and high-quality dyeing result. Ideal for burning brunettes, this colour is always recommended to be mixed with OXYGEN O2 CLEAR SHADE DILUTER or used as a corrector.


Perfect for ashy and dark blonde girls. It can be used for tinting men’s eyebrows, cover grey hairs naturally and depending on the exposure time, it is possible to achieve both light and dark grey shades!

BROWN 5.67

Perfect for providing the eyebrow with cold brown coverage. It is best suited for clients with brown, blonde and red hair of all different shades. 


This dye is suitable not only for eyebrows of red, reddish and similar shades but also successfully complements the image of warm blondes and girls with light brown hair.

OXYGEN O2 DYE should be used only with OXYGEN O2 CREAM-ACTIVATOR 2.7%. It cannot be used with activators of other brands.  


Before use, read the instructions in the box.

For professional use only.