Glamcor Elite X - Sparkle edition

Limited edition white crystal encrusted Glamcor light Model


Add a touch of luxury to your lash room with glamorous 

  • Bright white light will help you to see every single natural lash, including baby lashes and blond lashes. 
  • Glamcor light will allow you to do perfectly “clean” lash work without any “stickies”. 
  • 5 brightness levels for each stage of the application process. The dimmest setting is great for placing eye patches.
  • Unique Glamcor lighting technology is soft and gentle to your eyes and doesn’t cause eye strain even during long working days.
  • Great for taking clear lash pictures without colour distortion.
  • Lightweight, easy and quick to set up - ideal for both, mobile and salon technicians
  • Comes with a lightweight telescope stand, allowing you to set it up comfortably next to the beauty bed
  • Flexible arms of the light allow you to distribute light evenly across both eyes of the client
  • Great investment for both, beginners and experienced lash technicians