Tweezers for cluster lashes


Applying your cluster lashes has never been easier!

These sturdy, flat-tipped tweezers hold the entire segment of your Hanna cluster lash segments, allowing you to place the lashes accurately and easily!

Please note: these tweezers are a gorgeous blue colour and will be the jewel in any makeup kit, but be careful if you’re leaving them in a cleaning solution – too long and you run the risk of losing that gorgeous sapphire hue!

Product details

  • Length: 10 cm 
  • Grabbing area: 1 cm 
  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Gorgeous blue colour

How to use

  • Grip full segment of lashes with the tweezer tips
  • Gently peel segment toward you 
  • Hold lash segment with the strip facing you and apply a thin layer of glue, allowing it to become tacky before applying to the lash line
  • Repeat until your custom lash look is complete! 

To Cleanse:

  • Let tips sit in a disinfectant liquid (follow the instructions of a manufacturer), careful not to submerge the blue colouring for too long
  • Gently wipe with a tissue and let air dry before returning to your makeup tool kit
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