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InLei® “LOTION 3”

InLei® “LOTION 3”

Stage 3 in lash lift treatment.

- Emollient (nourishing) oil for treatment of natural eyelashes and eyebrows with LASH LIFT system.

- Use exclusively with its permanent L1, L2 fix and In Lei® tint.

- This fantastic oil is an exclusive nourishment for the natural lash.

- Gives strength to the hair, nourishes it, makes it more shiny and protects it from external factors.

- Created on the basis of aloe vera and almond oil which perfectly block the colouring agents inside the hair (in the case of tinting).

"LOTION 3" in Lei® closes the hair scales after the LASH LIFT treatment, concluding the process and protecting the hair from cold, wind and UV rays.

Made in Italy.

For professional use only.  

Content: 4 ml (up to 25 treatments)

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