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InLei® Minions

Microbrushes - MINIONS 

Disposable micro-brushes with thin microfibre tip. Ideal for all precision work.

  • thin microfibre tip
  • convenient container
  • 100pcs pack


Microbrushes - MINIONS are essential helpers in micro-works, such as:

  • degrease the eyelashes with InLei Saline Pretreatment, before proceeding with Lash Filler treatment
  • clean the roots of the eyelashes from the glue and / or dye at the end of the treatment
  • spread the eyelashes, which grow too high on the eyelid
  • adjust the distance between the silicone shield and eyelash
  • define the dye in the edges, when colouring the eyebrows.

So SMALL, but so BIG to help! Work with the charm of InLei®