Lash Battle eyelash extensions competition IN-HOUSE

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London Lash Battle is back! We are bringing back the opportunity for you to prove your amazing skill in Eyelash Extensions, and we are now introducing nominations for Lash Lift and Brow Treatments across a number of nominations!

The event will take place on Tuesday 24th January 2023 at Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf, London. Winning an award in a Lash Battle competition is a great indication of your skills to your clients, and even taking part will provide a great learning experience for you to continue to improve!

Nominations you can participate in (choose maximum two):

“Classic Look” – single “one-to-one” eyelash extensions application

“3D Volume” – 3D volume eyelash extensions application

“4-5D Volume” – 4D-5D volume eyelash extensions application

“Mega Volume” – 6D+ volume eyelash extensions application

“Wispy look” –  wispy eyelash extensions application. Can be created in any technique – classic, volume or combined.

“Perfect Brows”- brow shaping and colouring using either Brow Tint or Brow Henna. Shaping can be done by using thread, tweezers or wax. Wax pots will be provided, filled with So Henna film wax. If you would like to use another wax, please bring your own replacement inner tray filled with any wax you like. 

“Perfect Lash Lift” -Lash lifting using any lash lifting products and tools of your choice. 

Competitors can take part in any 2 of the listed indoor nominations. 

Can't make it in person? Check out our Online Nominations!



“Perfect Brows” 1.5h

“Perfect Lash Lift” 1.5h

“Classic Look” 2.5h

“3D Volume” 3h

“4-5D Volume” 3h

“Mega Volume” 3.5h

“Wispy look” 3.5h




There will be 2 competition rounds at the competition: 

Registration for the first round will start at 8.15am. The competition will begin at 9am. 

Registrationfor the second round will start at 12.30pm. The competition will start at 13.30pm. 

If you participate in 2 indoor nominations, then you’ll be participating in both competition rounds. If you participate in 1 indoor nomination, we'll email you and let you know which round (first or second) you’ll be taking the part in by the 10th of January 2023. 

The Award Ceremony will take place in the same venue on the day of the competition at 8pm. Before Awards start, you are invited to have some drinks and snacks at the reception which will start at 7pm. 


Competitors who are taking part in any/all indoor nominations will be related to one of the followingCategories:

Mastersup to 2 years of eyelash extensions experience

Experts – more than2 years of eyelash extensions experience; or/and you are a trainer in your chosen nomination. 

Organisers will make the final decision about the category you will compete in based on yourfirst single/classic eyelash extensions qualification (certificate)/brow lamination/lash lift certificate. You will be asked to provide this when we contact you with further details regarding your registration. 


All the competitors will get certificates of attendance.

All the winners (10 winners per each nomination - 5 for expert  experience level and 5 for master experience level) will get certificates, trophies and valuable prizes from London Lash Pro.

All the participants will have a chance to win special prizes from the judges. 

One participant, who collects the highest amount of points in eyelash extensions nominations, will win the title "Lash Artist of the year". 

Important: If you are purchasing a nomination on behalf of someone else, please ensure the other participant also completes the registration form (emailed to the purchaser within 24-48 hours after purchase). If the participant has not completed the required forms, they will not be able to participate on the day of the competition. 


  1. The championship organisers will provide all competitors with a bed, chair, trolley, lamp, disposable paper bed roll, wax heaters with wax (for brow nomination). Participants a required to provide their own tools, products, pillow, blanket etc. plus anything you require specifically i.e. magnifying glasses

  2. Competitors MUST bring a model (over the age of 18). Organisers of the Championship ARE NOT ABLE to provide models

  3. All competitors should arrive in time according to the schedule of the competition (30-45 minutes before their nomination starts)

  4. Competitors and models must register at the competition reception desk to get a participant's/model’s badge

  5. Competitors will be given 15 minutes prior the competition to begin the preparation (prepare their work space, clean model's lashes/brows, apply eye patches, etc.)

  6. Competitors are not permitted to begin their treatment before the official announcement. If organisers notice that a participant begins working before the first call, organisers have the right to disqualify this contestant.

  7. During the championship the competitors must follow the rules and regulations. They cannot leave the competition area without permission, use mobile phones, or talk loudly during the competition. In case of any inconvenience, they should ask for help from organisers/assistants of the competition. Asking for assistance and consulting with other participants, models or anyone else is not permitted.

  8. Before the competition starts, organisers/assistants will check model's eyelashes for any damage, redness of the eyes. For the brow nomination, brows will be checked too. 

  9. Competitors must wear an appropriate professional uniform and their hair should be tied back during the competition.

  10. At the end of the competition all lamps will be switched off automatically. When the time is called, all competitors must stop working immediately, clean their workspace and leave the competition area. By the final call, all work on models should be completed. Participants are not allowed to touch models' lashes or brows after the lights go off. Competitors are not permitted to be in the room during judging. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

  11. Models will have to remain in the competition judging area during judging. They are not allowed to leave until their lashes or brows have been examined by each of the judges. After judging, they will need to stay in the judging area for photoshoot

  12. The judges will evaluate the final result. Copies of the evaluation sheets will be published after the awards. Photos of contestants’ works may be used by the organisers in future publications (including but not limited to press releases, articles, and social media posts)

  13. For Classic Look you can use eyelashes of a maximum 0.15mm thickness.

  14. You are not allowed to use pre-made/pro-made fans for your model. 
  15. For 3D Double Volume you can use eyelashes of a maximum 0.08mm thickness.

  16. For 4D-5D and Dramatic Volume you can use:

      • 0.05mm(maximum of 9 lashes in a fan),
      • 0.06mm(maximum of 7 lashes in a fan),
      • 0.07mm(maximum of 5 lashes in a fan)
      • 0.08mm(maximum of 4 lashes in a fan)

    A Reception and Award ceremony will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 24th January 2023  at competition venue – Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel (South Quay, Marsh Wall, London, UK E14 9SH). All participants will be granted diplomas. Winners will receive trophies and valuable prizes.

    All Information about the winners will be published on the London Lash website as well as other media sources.


    Each participant will be awarded a certificate of attendance. Those who place will receive a certificate stating their place (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) and will also receive beautiful trophies and exciting prizes!

    CRITERIA for judging Eyelash Extensions nominations (what will be judged and how):

    • “Directions /flow”- lashes shouldn't criss-cross each other (the maximum score is 10 points), lengths are changed evenly and gradually.
    • “Coverage”- 100% of lashes should be covered (including inner and outer corners) (the maximum score is 10 points)
    • “Overall look”- the chosen style, length and curl should complement the model's eye shape, face shape and bone structure, lashes on both eyes should look even (the maximum score is 10 points)
    • “Stickies”- no lashes can be stuck together, and baby lashes cannot be stuck to the extensions (the maximum score is 10 points)
    • ”Attachment”- a lash extension should be attached to the natural lash securely, without lifting or chipping off; no criss-crossed lashes in the base of the fan for volume nominations (the maximum score is 10 points)
    • "Clean work" - no excess of the glue on the lashes, no dots of glue or pen marks on the skin (the maximum score is 5 points)
    • “Length” - extensions length should be suitable for model's natural lashes (the maximum score is 5 points)
    • “Thickness/weight”- the thickness of the extensions used nd the number of lashes in a fan should be suitable for the model's natural lashes (the maximum score is 5 points)
    • Distance from the eyelid” – distance from the eyelid should be the same for all extensions. Recommended distance – 0.5mm-1mm (classic extensions), 0.4mm-0.7mm(volume extensions) (the maximum score is 5 points)
    • “Fluffiness of the fan” - only for volume nominations. This criteria will be excluded from judging wispy look. Lashes should be fanned correctly with even spaces between the lashes in the fan and with neat bases (the maximum score is 10 points).
    • “Inner Corners” – all inner corner lashes should be covered neatly and evenly (the maximum score is 5 points)
    • “Outer Corners” - all outer corner lashes should be covered neatly and evenly (the maximum score is 5 points)

    “Perfect Lash Lift” Requirements and Judging Criteria


    1. The Lash Lift must be performed on the both model’s eyes
    2. The brand of the products used can be chosen by participant
    3. The model cannot have any lash extensions already present on the eyes, and cannot have recently had a Lash Lift treatment 
    4. Before the competition all the models will have their lashes checked by organisers (Lash Check). During the lash check, participants may be awarded extra points for complexity of the work. 

    Criteria of Lash Check:

    Apart from recording the information about the models in the Lash Check form, the model's eyes/face will be photographed. Please make sure your model is okay to have their photos taken.  

    1. Direction of the lash growth. The more downturned lashes are, the higher the number of points received.(max 2 extra points)
    2. Curl. The straighter the lashes are, the higher the number of points received.(max 2 extra points)
    3. Length. The shorter the lashes are, the higher the number of points received.(max 2 extra points)
    4. Fullness of the natural lashes. The fuller and thicker the natural lashes, the higher the number of points received.(max 2 extra points)
    5. Colour. The lighter the lashes are, the higher the number of points received.(max 2 extra points)

    Each competitor will receive a Lash Lift Card where they’ll need to write down the products they used, size of the rod/shield/lash lift pad they used and why, the time solutions were applied for, and the colour of tint they used.


    • Overall look. The aesthetic appearance of your lash work is going to be judged. (max 10 points)
    • Clean work. We’ll be checking that there are no traces of glue, tint, lifting solutions on the lashes, skin, eyelids, lash line and on the waterline. (max 10 points)
    • Lash Curl. We’ll be checking that the lash curl is even and smooth, that it suits the model's eye shape. All lashes should be evenly lifted, with no natural lashes  popping out or hanging down. (max 10 points)
    • Inner corners. We’ll be checking that lashes are evenly lifted in the inner corners  (approx 10 lashes) (max 5 points);
    • Outer corners. We’ll be checking that lashes are evenly lifted in the outer corners  (approx 10 lashes) (max 5 points);
    • Symmetry of work. Well be judging how symmetrical your work is across both eyes (max 10 points)
    • Lash directions. We’ll be judging how lashes are positioned. Lashes should be positioned evenly, straight and without criss-crossing (max 10 points)
    • Fluffiness of the lashes. Lashes should not be stuck to one other. (max 10 points)
    • Lash Colour. Lashes should be evenly tinted from bottom to the top, and the chosen colour should suit the model (max 10 points) 


    Perfect Brows - Rules and judging criteria:



    1. Each participant chooses which products to use for brow treatment  - tint or henna. 
    2. Participants should bring their own products and tools to the competition. Lash Battle organizers are providing competitors with ONLY the following items - wax heater filled with So Henna film wax, beauty lamp, beauty bed, chair,  bed roll. 
    3. Hair removal can be completed using any technique you prefer - threading, waxing, plucking etc. 
    4. Once the treatment is complete, you are allowed to use any brow styling products such as brow soap/brow styling wax etc. 
    5. Model’s brows shouldn’t be tinted or shape-corrected for at least two weeks prior to the competition. 



    — to remove any model’s brow hairs for 2 weeks before the start of competition 

    — to use brow stencils, blades or trimmer for removing the hair. 

    — to use brow pencil or any other make-up on the model’s brows. 



    “Complexity of work” - judged during the Brow-check, before you start the treatment. Organizers will check your model’s brows and assess the complexity of work. (Max 5 points)

    “Overall look” - overall look of the participant’s work, harmony and esthetic appearance, assessment of how well eyebrow look suits the model. (max 10 points)

    “Clean work” - no hairs should be left on the skin, no smudges of tint or henna, no traces of wax, no traces of brow styling products. (max 10 points)

    “Symmetry” - shape/colour of both brows should be the same/symmetrical. (max 10 points) (max 10 points)

    “Brow shape” - judges will assess the shape of the brow and if it has been “built’ correctly.  

    “Brow colour” - correct choice of the colour, matching the colour of the brows with the model’s hair colour. (Max - 5 points) 

    “Colour gradient” - even gradient of the brow colour with lighter brow “head” and darker brow arch. (Max - 5 points)

    “Even colour distribution” - brow should be tinted evenly, without empty spots or dark patches. (Max - 5 points)

    Penalty points:

    Using the brow stencils - minus 5 points 

    Allergic reaction  - minus 5 points 

    Skin damage - minus 5 points 



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