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London Lash Eyelash Extension & Business Conference with Live Demos


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We are delighted to invite you to the second annual London Lash Conference, which will take place on 22nd January 2024 in the most magnificent city in the UK - London!

The conference will be an opportunity for you to meet and listen to the most talented lash educators and lash entrepreneurs from across the world. Our speakers will provide invaluable expertise and insight on everything from lash application techniques to business growth.

Meet and liaise with fellow lash techs from all backgrounds and experience levels, growing your network and community! Attendees from all over the world are welcome!

We are super excited to announce that this year the conference will be hosted by powerhouse couple Paul and Tuss Luebbers, all the way from the US of A! you may better know Paul and Tuss as the brains behind Lashcon, the world's largest Lash Conference or from their Lashcast podcast where they talk everything lash biz! It's afe to say with these two hosting you can expect a day burtsing with energy, surprises and quite frankly AMAZING outfits!

For 2024, we are also pleased to announce the addition of live demonstrations.

See below for the full line up!

Conference Details

Date: Monday22nd Jan, 2024

Location: Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel (South Quay, Marsh Wall, London, UK E14 9SH). 

The nearest tube station is Canary Wharf - a 3 minute walk from the venue. 




Arrival time: 8am-8.45am 

Start time: 9am on the dot!

Finish time: 6pm 

On arrival you’ll be served tea and coffee. During the conference, you’ll be provided with 3 breaks to get coffee and snacks, including one lunch break. All drinks and food are included in the price of the conference ticket. 

Conference Line Up

Paul & Tuss Luebbers from Lashcast



For 13 years, Paul and Tussanee ran Integrity Lash, a premier 7-digit lash salon in Southern California. Over the years, Integrity Lash was recognized by Vanity Fair, Los Angeles Magazine, Pasadena Magazine, Brides.com as well as by others as one of the best of SoCal. For four years, Salon Today chose Integrity Lash as one of the Top 200 salons in North America. For the last six years, Paul and Tussanee host the most listened to lash podcast in the world called LashCast (with over 2 million downloads), as well as host trainings and webinars tailored for lash artists. The twosome aims to educate and uplift lash professionals to become better lash artists and business owners. Paul and Tussanee founded The LASHCONference in 2019, and over the last five years, over 3500 lash artists have attended the event to learn how to grow and market their businesses. Aside from their trainings and events, they also coach lash artists in their coaching program called LashCast Clubhouse. In their unique coaching platform, they teach lash artists how to build a lash business that they can be proud of. When they aren’t running their own events or training, they also speak at trade shows as well as lash conferences all over the world. One day the two hope to retire in a log cabin in Hawaii and raise penguins.


Alongside bringing their infectious energy and fun as HOSTS of this year's London Lash Conference, Paul and Tuss will also be taking to the stage to give you all their insider secrets and innovative strategies to expand your customer base, outshine your competition, and transform your lash business into a thriving success story. From cultivating an ideal clientele to creating a “talk of the town" customer service experience, they'll break down what made their salon the highest-rated and most talked about lash salon in Southern California. Get ready for an engaging and transformative experience that will propel your lash business to new heights of success!


Anastasia Nikulina (Lash Expert London)



We are thrilled to have Anastasia Nikulina join us as a featured speaker at the upcoming London Lash Conference 2024!  Anastasia is a globetrotting lash artist, known for her incredible lash courses that have taken her to various countries around the world. From Spain to Argentina, Finland to Mexico, Anastasia's expertise has touched lash artists worldwide. With an impressive Instagram following of 75k+, Anastasia has mastered the art of captivating her audience through stunning photos and videos. Her keen eye for lash photography and light editing techniques has helped her present her lash sets in the most visually appealing way. Anastasia believes that showcasing your lash artistry with high-quality visuals is essential for making a lasting impression. 


Adheline Octavia(Lash Culture, Indonesia)



In the world of beauty and aesthetics, Adheline Octavia started her journey from a humble home-based setup to owning a growing salon network, Lash Culture.

Fascinated by the transformative power of lashes, Adheline started her lash artistry journey from the comfort of her own home. Word of mouth became her biggest ally, allowing her to expand her clientele. Recognizing the need for a dedicated space to accommodate her growing business, Adheline took a leap of faith and opened her first salon. She carefully selected talented lash artists and trained them to her impeccable standards. Her salon has become the go-to destination for lash enthusiasts and her brand is synonymous with exceptional quality and impeccable service. Setting her sights on expanding her lash empire, she now started to open a few more new salons in other strategic locations. 

Always at the forefront of industry trends, Adheline always sought to innovate and revolutionize the lash industry. Through continuous learning, she mastered the latest techniques, incorporating cutting-edge technology, and introduced premium lash products to her salons. Her commitment to quality and innovation garnered industry recognition, earning her prestigious awards and recognition. Never forgetting her own journey, she initiated mentorship programs, organized workshops, and shared her expertise to help others realize their full potential in her lash/brow academy, carrying with her the best brands in the market; London Lash, Inlei Italy and So Henna.

Adheline will be divulging why salon design and aesthetic is just as important as the treatment itself in regards to attracting clientele, enhancing the overall experience, setting you apart from competitors and contributing to the success of the business. 


Mimi Oviawe from Mimi Studio Pro



Meet Mimi Oviawe, the visionary entrepreneur who turned her bedroom into the birthplace of a thriving lash business, Mimi's Studio PRO. In 2016, armed with passion and determination, Mimi embarked on a remarkable journey to revolutionise the lash industry.

Starting with humble beginnings, Mimi transformed her bedroom into a sanctuary for creativity and beauty. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to perfection, she began catering to customers, providing them with expert lash extensions that enhanced their natural beauty. Her exceptional craftsmanship and personalised approach to lash artistry quickly garnered a loyal clientele, setting the foundation for her growing business.


MSP soon spread its wings beyond her local community, attracting attention from women all around the UK. With a focus on tailoring lash looks to compliment every eye shape, her business thrived by celebrating the unique beauty of each client. Whether it was a natural enhancement or a more glamorous touch, Mimi and her team ensured that every woman felt empowered and confident with their bespoke lash set.


As she continues to expand her reach and touch the lives of women across the country, Mimi remains an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. Her journey exemplifies the power of hard work, perseverance, and a genuine passion for one's craft, proving that dreams can indeed take flight from the humblest of beginnings.


Mimi will be talking on  “How to keep clients coming back". Drawing on her knowledge of retaining Clients and Building Customer Loyalty, this insightful speech is tailored to lash extension professionals seeking to establish long-term client relationships and ensure repeat business. In a highly competitive beauty industry, cultivating client loyalty is essential for sustainable success. You will leave with the knowledge of how to create a memorable and rewarding experience for clients, encouraging them to return for lash extensions time and again.


Tress Larson from Lash Box LA



Teressa Larson, better known as Tress, is a veteran in the lash and beauty industry of almost 20 years. She pursued a career in beauty knowing that her true passion lies in  helping women feel beautiful, strong, confident and capable.  Her pursuit to make an impact on the world around her has helped her become a leader and voice in the lash industry for advanced education, encouragement, positivity, and love.  

Naturally an introvert, but thrives on teaching and public speaking, Tress will tell you that she is an open book. If she can help you get through something in your life because of what I’ve gone through in hers, she’s honored to do so.  Because of her experiences, she knows beyond doubt that she is here to help others find who they are, what they stand for, and who they are becoming.  And she can’t even wait to meet you.


Tress is taking to the stage at this year's London Lash Conference to discuss The Art of Mega Volume and Ultra Fine Diameters: How to make more money in less time & enjoy doing it.


Sheun Ogundoyin (So brows London)



Sheun Ogundoyin, the visionary CEO of SO Brows London. Leaving her successful career as an international investment banker in 2011, Sheun found her true passion as a lash artist. Recognizing a gap in the market, she took an eyelash extension course with the dream of bringing this service to Lagos, Nigeria. Her talent and dedication quickly led to a flourishing business, and The Lash Lounge, Nigeria, was born. Within just two years, Sheun expanded to multiple locations, becoming the sought-after Lash & Brow Salon in Lagos.


Always striving for excellence, Sheun pursued further training, and in 2014, she took her first permanent brow course with the prestigious Phibrows Academy, introducing this service to her salons. In 2020, amid the pandemic, SO Brows London emerged as Sheun moved to the UK. Her focus remains on enhancing women’s natural beauty through Permanent Make-Up and Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions. Beyond her thriving business, Sheun now runs her Brow academy, empowering artists with masterclasses and training courses. As a leading Brow trainer at London Lash Pro Academy in Shoreditch, she continues to elevate the industry.


Despite her busy schedule, Sheun embraces the role of a devoted mom to her two gorgeous boys. Her passion, expertise, and commitment have made her a respected speaker at international conferences and a sought-after competition judge. With Sheun’s unwavering dedication and artistic flair, SO Brows London continues to leave a lasting impact on the world of beauty.


Sheun Ogundoyin is an inspiring trailblazer in the beauty industry, empowering women to embrace their natural beauty and enhancing their confidence one brow at a time.


Shun will be taking to the stage to disclose how profitible the brow industry can actually be. Learn how she successfully transformed her eyelash 5 figure lash business into a thriving six figure brow empire. Through strategic planning, innovative marketing tactics and focusing on customer centric service, she leveraged her existing expertise in the beauty industry to tap into the booming brow market. Listen in to understand how you can too!


Mariola Mikolajczyk 



Mariola, known as The Lash Lift Queen, has quickly become a highly revered figure in the international beauty industry. With over 40,000 followers, she's transforming the art of lash lifting and unlocking the beauty of natural lashes for millions worldwide.


In 2019, Mariola made her unforgettable mark by creating the first online training for aspiring lash lift stylists. Dedicating herself to sharing her signature techniques, Mariola quickly began to build a stellar reputation. Her charming and captivating methods have reached students in 68 countries and boast an unparalleled success rate of 100% satisfaction.


Owing to that success and high demand, Mariola's cutting-edge training has been translated into 7 languages. Her innovative approach hasn't gone unnoticed, with numerous features in top magazines and invitations to speak at prestigious industry events around the globe.


Of course, as the Queen of Lash Lifts, Mariola will be talking on "Nailed it or fail it! Mastering the lash lift results every time"

Lash lift can totally be a game-changer for your studio. The treatment is super profitable and fun to do, if you don't already offer lash lift - you are missing out! But let's be real, sometimes we get all nervous and scared to give it a shot. We worry about messing up our clients' lashes or not getting the results we hoped for, even after putting in all that effort and time. It's like, should we even charge for it if it doesn't work out?

But hey, no worries! Mariola is going to spill the tea on why lash lifts sometimes go sideways. She's been there, felt the pain, and learned a lot from it. She'll be sharing a few reasons behind those not-so-successful lash lifts, and trust us, it's gonna be a real eye-opener. 

By the time you leave the conference, you'll have all the tips and tricks you need to nail that perfect lash lift every single time. No more second-guessing or stressing out! 



 Hanna Putjato (Founder of London Lash)



Founder of London Lash, Hanna is a trailblazer within the lash community. Not only has she curated one of the industry’s most innovative and critically acclaimed eyelash extension training programmes, she has also built a globally recognised multi-million pound e-commerce business dedicated to developing revolutionary products for eyelash application. 

Since her first sale in 2013, Hanna has turned her home based lash business into a corporation with more than 50 employees and 50 partners.


Hanna has won numerous awards in recognition of her entrepreneurial skills including Professional Brand of the Year 2016 and 2018, the CEW Digital Marketing Achiever Award (awarded by Google) the Manchester Young Talent entrepreneur of the year award 2018, and the Queen’s Award 2020.


Hanna is devoted to sharing her extensive knowledge and experience by contributing articles to multiple lash publications, judging competitions and speaking at industry events both nationally and internationally. By doing this she inspires others towards growing their own successful businesses.


Hanna will be sharing 5 essential habits that make her successful at business, based on her own experiences with one of the lash industry's most renowned lash brands. Whether it's business strategy for growth, cultivating and nurturing a great team or getting to grips with curating great social media presence, Hanna has some tips and tricks for you! Hanna's business insight is hugely beneficial, whether you're about to start your own venture or you're looking to grow and develop your young business, and she is excited to be able to share her wealth of knowledge with the next generation of beauty industry entrepreneurs.


Darja Striletskaja 



Widely well-known and experienced Lash & Brow Artist and Trainer Darja started her career in 2011. Since then she completed over 35 training courses and continues to attend various courses to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in this industry.


Darja is the winner of multiple international Lash and Brow competitions in Master, Professional and Expert categories. She received various prestigious awards such as: 

  • "Lash artist of the year 2016", Bergamo, Italy
  • "Queen of lashes", Lash Pro Contest, Slovenia 
  • "The Best UK trainer 2017", London Lash Pro, UK
  • "UK Trainer of The Year 2019", London Lash Pro, UK
  • "UK Volume Trainer of The Year 2019", London Lash Pro, UK

She has been recognised as one of the Top Lash Artists of 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2022 according to London Lash Pro. 


Darja is a participant and also a speaker of international live and online Lash and Brows conferences. She is frequently invited as a judge to many international competitions as well.


After 5 years of hard work and constant professional development, Darja has become the leading trainer at London Lash Pro in 2016 and has been recognised as one of the best trainers in the world ever since. Her students become the best, winning competitions and becoming top trainers. Darja has successfully taught a large number of students from over 25 different countries. It is important for Darja that her students receive the highest quality and the most up-to-date information in her courses.


Darja will be joining the London Lash Conference to talk on "The Importance of Timing: Mastering Treatment Durations for Lash Artists"


Highlighting a critical element frequently neglected in the beauty industry - time efficiency. Clients not only seek high-quality treatments but also immensely value their time. Nobody wants to spend hours on end in a salon, regardless of how luxurious the experience. Darja will address the necessity for lash artists to master the art of timing, ensuring treatments are not only effective but also efficiently delivered. Increase your client turnover, maximize your earnings, and deliver exceptional results all with these simple and practical tips and tricks!



Aisha Jagieva (Aisha_lashess)


TBC - Pending Visa approval



Anastasiia Hutsaliuk


TBC - Pending Visa approval


Additional Information

On the next day after the conference, Tuesday 23rd of January, we are inviting you to participate in Lash Battle competition. If you are booking both - conference and competition tickets, you'll get a discount for both events. To find out more information about the competition - click HERE

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