My name is Lissa and I do eyelash extension trainings in Brazil. I started my career in the beauty industry in 2015 and have already received lots of additional education and a great experience working at the LLP Salon in London. 

I think lashes are a part of beauty that I like the most, the eyes are the windows of our souls, you say a lot with your eyes, and I believe that when we do lashes we are also helping women to build confidence, to be practical and even more beautiful, and I love doing that.

My life motto is:
If people are not laughing at your dreams, you're not dreaming big enough.


In terms of styling I think that the style that I like to do the most is the eyeliner fox effect, because it makes the client smile with her eyes.

A LLP product I cannot live without? I can’t decide between the perfect Mayfair lashes, the amazing booster or.. the life changer Royal Bond!

My top tip for beginning lash artists: Don’t overthink, listen what your clients want , practice every day and use quality products, they will make you improve even more!

That the quality products can make the work a lot easier, and the poor materials
only make you loose time and money, and you get frustrated

I am very proud of everything that I achieved, but I think being London Lash face in Brazil is the biggest thing for me, being a LLP Distributor and Trainer it is something that I am super proud!

I speak Portuguese and English.

To book your training with me, contact me directly:


Phone number:07860373879




2019 Volume Trainer of the Year International by London Lash Pro 

2019 Universe Lash - 1st place in natural volume  and
1st place in mega volume,

2018 Oscar Online3rd place mega volume Jr. category


ER beauty, single lashes extensions
London Lash, Foundation
London Lash, Russian Volume 
London Lash Mentoring Sessions (mapping, styling, and perfect fan)
Lash Filler In lei with London Lash
Mega Volume Lash Box LA


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