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Perfect Grip Tweezers

London Lash Perfect Grip Tweezers

- super sturdy stainless steel tweezers

- a staple of every great lash artist's kit

- made from extra strong metal which doesn't bend

- grips even baby lashes perfectly

- makes separating any stickies an absolute breeze while causing your client no discomfort at all

These tweezers can also be used for lash isolation, and even to pick up single lashes for classic sets. Add these tweezers to your collection today!

- FIVE designs: silver, titanium gold, titanium black, titanium blue and emerald green

 PERFECT GRIP tweezers are NON-magnetic.

These tweezers are 13cm long, and fit perfectly inside all LLP tweezer cases and pouches. 


Keep them safe in this magnetic case!

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