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Marijana Bošnjak

My name is Marijana and I am a London Lash Pro trainer in London, United Kingdom. I started doing lashes in 2012 and now have over 8 years experience in the field. My focus as a trainer is the success of my students through sharing the practical knowledge of treatment with a business centred approach. 

There are many things that personally had inspired me to become a lash artist, but one I would like to point out is: As a lash artist we are creating ART, shaping clients' dreams into reality! Looking back at it now, if I had known how much this journey would teach me about my destination I would have started earlier.

My top tip for new artists is to develop a passion for learning, if you do, you will never cease to grow. 

So what is my favourite London Lash Pro product that I cannot live without? LLP is a brand I cannot live without! Try any of LLP products and you won't regret it! Love at first sight. 

Contact details: 

INSTAGRAM: @marijana_kalon_allure

FACEBOOK: Kalon Allure

EMAIL: info@kalonallure.com

You can book a training with Marijana by contacting her directly.



Her Qualifications:

November 2012 – Classic Eyelash Extension Technique, Zagreb, Croatia (Juliana Lashes Academy)

January 2014 – Certified Juliana Lashes educator, Zagreb, Croatia (Juliana Lashes Academy)

February 2016 – Volume Expert, Žalec, Slovenia (Akademija, A.S.-Lepota)

June 2018 – Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions, Split, Croatia (London Lash Pro, Darja Striletskaja)

June 2018 – One Step to Perfection Masterclass, Split, Croatia (Lash & Brow Secrets, Darja Striletskaja)

May 2019 – Secrets of Exact Volume Technique Lashing, London, United Kingdom (Studio – School Anna Agarkova)

January 2020 – Advance Technique of Russian Volume, London, United Kingdom (London Lash Pro, Karolina Swiderska)


Her Achievements:

Founder/ownerof Incognito Art Studio specialising in lash, brow and make up services

Authorof first eyelash manuals in Croatia

March 2014 – Judge at first International Eyelash Competition in Croatia, Zagreb (Zagrebacki Velesajam)

December 2014 – Organiser of Beauticians Creative Workshop for Down Children Support, Zadar, Croatia

December 2017 – Organiser of Volume Eyelashes Bo Workshop, Zadar, Croatia

March 2018 – Organiser of Juliana Lashes Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia

April 2018 – Organiser of Juliana Lashes Workshop, Zadar, Croatia

November 2018 – Finalist in Lash Festival 2018 in the XD Russian Volume Category, United Kingdom (The Eyelash Emporium)

November 2018 – Finalist in Lash Festival 2018 in the Russian Volume Category, United Kingdom (The Eyelash Emporium)



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