Hybrid Nail Primer (Low Acidic)


Introducing a must-have prep product for gel manicure! Miss Dolla low-Acidic Primer is a revolutionary product - it's a hybrid product between acidic and non-acidic primer. It removes all the oils from the nail surface and prepares the nail plate to the treatment without dehydrating it. At the same time It works like a double-sided tape, improving the adhesion of the gel polish to the natural nail.  It can be used for either -  healthy nails or dry and brittled nails. Healthy nails will never get over-dried and damaged from using our Hybrid Primer and dry nails will never get more dehydrated. 

Miss Dolla Hybrid Primer is specifically formulated to protect the gel polish against the creation of air pockets or lifting of the product.

Combined with Miss Dolla PH Bond which balances the pH of your nails, Miss Dolla Primer guarantees the improved retention and perfectly prepared surface area of the nail plate for the gel polish application.  

    IMPORTANT: Primer works only on the natural nail, do NOT apply it to the gel polish surface. Remember NOT to layer the product - applying too much Primer can cause the gel polish to lift. Once applied, Primer will create a sticky layer - there is no need to wait for it to evaporate - apply Miss Dolla Base immediately afterwards.

    Product details

    Product details:

    • Increases adhesion of the gel polish to the natural nail
    • Coats the nail plate with a transparent, sticky layer
    • Improves retention
    • Can be used before any nail treatment
    • Created to work perfectly with Miss Dolla PH Bond
    • 8ml bottle


    Primer Ingredients: Propan-2-ol, Ethyl acetate, Isobutyl acetate

    How to use

    How to use:

    1. Always wash and sanitise hands and nails before the treatment. Dust, dirt or oils can influence the retention.
    2. Prep the nail bed by pushing back the cuticles using an orange nail stick or cuticle pusher. Trim the cuticles with cuticle nippers/scissors if necessary.  
    3. Shape the nails into the desired shape using a 180 grit nail file, then gently buff the nails using 220/240 grit nail file to remove any shine and smooth the surface.
    4. Brush all dust and residue off, then soak lint-free wipes with an alcohol based nail prep solution and wipe and rub each nail, carefully removing any leftovers.
    5. Apply Miss Dolla PH Bond on each nail to adjust the PH of the nail plate and remove any oils. Wait a few seconds for the product to evaporate.
    6. Apply Miss Dolla Primer to each nail to create the perfect base for a strong adhesion, then start the application of the gel polish.
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    Nearly blinded! Need to make it more obvious it’s a nail primer!

    Hi Matilda,

    We're so sorry to hear there was some confusion over the Miss Dolla primer

    We believe the product description does include enough detail about the product to ensure it's clear it is for manicures only. We will take your comment on board though and see what further we can do to make this more clear!

    We hope your client is okay

    Lots of love,
    LLP x