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Myriam is our trainer and distributor in France. She is a founder of the studio and academy “Nos P’tits Secrets” in Montpellier. Myriam started has become a beautician in 2010 and has been educated in all possible fields of Beauty Industry: 


November 2010    Classic extension with CilsFrance®

January 2013    Volume extension with CilsFrance® and Lash Lift

January 2015    Sleek Brow trainer training

February 2016    Volume extension with Hanna Putjato

April 2016    Microblading Training

September 2017    Advance Volume Extension with Loreta Jasilionyte

November 2017    Volume Course with Darja Striletkaja

February 2018    Volume extensions with Sofja Smatko

March 2018    Volume Extension with Inna Kolvashenko

April 2018    Volume and Mega Volume Extension with Marie-Line Brusa-Paqué and Muriel Revardy

April 2018    Lash Lift and Lash Botox with Marie-line Brusa-Paqué and Muriel Revardy

April 2018    Henna eyebrows with Marie-line Brusa-Paqué and Muriel Revardy

June 2018    Volume Extensions with Helga Halapi

July 2018    LLP Lash Filler with Veronica Rich

July 2018    Volume Mentoring with Veronica Rich

July 2018    LLP Lash Filler Trainer with Karolina Swiderska

September 2018    LLP Extension Teacher Training with Veronica Rich,

and many others...


Myriam speaks French


Salon’s name and address:

Nos P'tits Secrets
164 avenue de Palavas
Hôtel Ibis Montpellier Sud
34070 Montpellier - FRANCE



Instagram : @nosptitssecrets

Facebook : @nosptitssecrets / Myriam Droguet Nosptitssecrets

Web-page : www.nosptitssecrets.fr

e-shop : https://londonlash-france.fr

Phone number: +33 0784232744

Email address: londonlashfrance@gmail.com

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