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Love them or hate them, Premade Fans are simply a sign of the times! The lash industry is changing and they open the door to so many new opportunities!

Our Premade Fan Workshop aims to explore everything from WHAT premade fans are to HOW you create a beautiful set using premade fans. 

The workshop is broken down into 10 informative chapters including:

  • An Introduction to Premade Fans
  • What are Premade Fans
  • The Difference between Premade Fans and Handmade Fans
  • When and Why to use Premade Fans
  • Choosing the Correct Volume
  • Layers
  • Isolation 
  • How to work with Premade Fans
  • Pre-Treatment Recap
  • Pricing your work using Premade Fans

So, if you’re still contemplating whether you should use premade fans or not, it is certainly worth a watch!

Open your mind, download this workshop and learn how YOU and your business can benefit from premade fans!

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