Single Size 0.15 Flat Ellipse Cashmere Lashes B/C/CC/D


- flat on the base, helping to create stronger bond between the natural lash and the eyelash extension, resulting in better and longer lasting retention.

- wonderfully soft and super light lash extensions

- ideal for creating super fluffy Classic Glamorous sets.

- this multi pack will help you create natural abundant looking eyelashes!!

- a great product if you're new to the lash extensions as it contains our most popular lengths

- ideal for mobile therapists and lashpreneurs just starting out or just want to try our new London Lash eyelashes.

Buy a couple of these and you're covered for a wide range of looks without the need to invest in or carry around lots of different packs.

Available in B to D- curl.

All our lashes are made from 100% Synthetic fiber.