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Eyelash Palette Small Box / Organiser


Space between the pallets is a bit narrow and won't work for too long and curly extensions. So, this product is considered to be FAULTYandhas been heavily discounted.However, this pallette organiser is perfect for storing lashes for natural sets or not very curly extensions. 



Eyelash Palette Small Box/Organiser

- stylish and compact lash organiser fits perfectly on any lash trolley without taking up too much space

- store up to 40 lines of lashes in this handy box, sorted by curl, length, thickness and colour so you are always ready for your next set. 

- box includes 4 palettes

- elegant white colour to match any decor.


Lash Box measurements:

6 x 7.2 x 16.2 cm

Palette measurements:

15 x 6.2 cm


Please note that lashes are sold separately.


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