Velvet glue/adhesive

Please note that the maximum purchase of glue per order is 30 pieces. If you would like to order in a bulk please contact our wholesale team on Please know that all online orders with over 30 pieces of glue will be canceled automatically.

 eyelash extensions adhesive is the creamy-textured adhesive, perfect for both classic and volume techniques!

- Glue stays flexible even when it's completely polymerized, giving excellent retention - 4 weeks plus* 

- creamy "easy to work with" consistency

- drying time 1-3 seconds**

- deep jet-black color  

- for experienced and beginner eyelash technicians

* Works best at room temperature 20-22 degrees C and air humidity at 45-65%. 

** May dry faster in temperatures exceeding 23 degrees, or humidity levels higher than 65%


Before every use, shake the bottle for 30-60 seconds to ensure proper mixing of the pigmentation and the adhesive, and to achieve the right consistency. This will also help to keep the retention excellent! 

Do not shake the glue with a cap on, instead use a small piece of foil on the nozzle. Before putting the cap on, make sure there is no glue residue in the nozzle as this will lead to blockages and will ruin the glue. Keep the cap on tightly and store the glue in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. 

For best retention prepare the lashes with London Lash Protein remover pads or London Lash Cleanser and Primer before application.

For best results and to avoid nozzle getting blocked:

- store your lash adhesive horizontally in Airtight container, wooden drawer or in a cool, dry place

- when shaking the glue remove the lid and cover the nozzle with tin foil or wax strip

- wipe the nozzle after every use of the glue


This product is:

- Latex-free

- Formaldehyde-free

- Cruelty-free.

- Paraben-free

- Oil resistant 

- Water-resistant 

- Humidity resistant

- Heat resistant

This product has:

- Strong flexible bond

- Excellent retention


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MSDS for Velvet Eyelash Adhesive available to download here

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