MicroFibre Vogmask Pro Protective Mask

Not just a stylish accessory - an essential item for the health of all lash technicians! 

Protect your airways for good with these stylish, professional health conscious face mask - designed with you in mind.



- Exclusive MicroFiber Vogmask Pro Now Available At London Lash Pro!

- Superior Protection From Adhesive Fumes During Eyelash Extension Treatment

- Protects From PM 2.5 Particles In Air Pollution

- Contains: N99 Filter Layer, Carbon Filter Exhale Valve

- 4 Amazing Designs For A Stylish & Professional Look

- Must Have For Every Lash Technician

- Reusable

- Meets all European standards


Available in sizes M and L.

You can buy a head strap with your Vogmask.

Head strap attaches to ear loops and tightens behind head with tensioner bead. Ideal for mask wearing while active. Beneficial to prolonged mask wearing. Beneficial to maintaining good seal around nose and mouth.


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