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Let’s talk about dolly style and who is going look good in dolly effect.


Dolly style is achieved by putting longest extension in the middle of the eye! Simple right? But not so fast! There is few really important rules, witch have to be fallowed, otherwise you may end up with either totally different style or uneven eyes, and thats something we definitely don't like to see ;-) 


Mapping - before you get to work on the lashes, you have to make sure you have your mapping done correctly. So what does it mean and how to do it? Start by finding a middle of the eye, and the easiest way to do it is while your client has her eyes still open eg. during the consultation. Ask her to look straight find the middle of pupil and mark it with a pen on your client eyelid, these way when she eventually close her eyes you will know exactly where it was. The next step is to find where the area with longest lashes would be, and now once you found a middle of the eye, it will be super easy, because the longest lashes should be applied on the height of iris, so all you need to do is mark inner and outer edges of the iris. Mark them on the clients eyelid again.

Now, you have that part done, you can continue with pretreatment and once you have the eyepatches applied mark where your set is going to begin and end. Copy middle of the eye together with iris edges from eyelid. All you have to do now is divide remaining space to equal parts accordingly.

By following these few simple steps you will make sure your dolly sets will always look even, nit and you will avoid common styling mistakes of unsymmetrical eyes!

And who is it for? The simplest definition of dolly styling is to optically open eyes and make them more outstanding, so all clients with small and narrow eyes. Dolly style is also great when we have to correct wide set of eyes, cover huge space between browse and eyelid or hide some skin folds and strong brow bone structure.

Hope you enjoyed our new article and you find it helpful!!

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p.s More blog posts about eye shapes, styling and mapping coming soon...

Stay updated !!!<3

These amazing dolly look was created by @victoria.andres.londonlashpro xx

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Amy Bona
Amy Bona

May 24, 2019

Thankyou :)

Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown

April 08, 2019

Really helpful thank you

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