It's Earth Day! Here's What We Can All Do to Keep The Lash Industry Sustainable...

We’ve all heard the words ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainability’, and we’re well versed in topics such as climate change and recycling. Due to its international media coverage, we all understand how important it is to become more sustainable on a global level, not just as individuals, but also as businesses. Documentaries such as Seaspiracy and activists such as Greta Thunberg have, in recent times, shone a much needed light on just how important it is for us as a global community to act NOW to make changes for the generations that follow!

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Today is Earth Day, which is an internationally celebrated event to demonstrate commitment to environmental protection. Here at LLP, we take our environmental impact very seriously and want to make sure that we are doing the best we can to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible!

We believe that as the top eyelash extensions provider in the UK, it is our responsibility to make ourselves as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, and hopefully encourage other brands to follow in our ‘non-carbon’’ footsteps! So, here are some of the steps we have taken to make ourselves more environmentally friendly:

Lash Trays

You may have noticed that our lash boxes that used to look like this...

easy fanning lashes, volume lashes, classic lashes, lash extensions, eyelash extensions look like this!

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Why? Unfortunately we discovered our previous design contained spot UV print and magnetic elements which were NOT recyclable in all areas - to fix this, we have removed these elements so that our boxes are fully recyclable. Fan-LASH-tic, right?!

We are moving away from plastics and using paper alternatives

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Why? Plastics are slow to biodegrade, with some plastics taking between 20-500 years to fully decompose, whereas paper takes 2-6 weeks, and can even be used in compost!

With this in mind we also decided to swap our bubble wrap that is made from non-biodegradable plastics to the new protective paper that is much more eco-friendly, recyclable, and therefore reducing any plastic waste coming from London Lash Pro packaging. Additionally, we have also switched our plastic bags that hold your lash trays to biodegradable alternatives, moved from plastic packaging tape to Kraft paper tape and also implemented biodegradable and recyclable padded envelopes - so you can get all the best lash extensions supplies without worrying about the planet’s future!

Why? Polystyrene chips are a plastic formed from liquid hydrocarbon styrene, which is not recyclable and very slow to biodegrade. Our new biodegradable chips are made from starch and dissolve when held under running water. So not only do they reduce wastage, but they are also super fun too!

Our all new recyclable glass bottle designs instead of previous plastic ones

You may have noticed the new gorgeous, and elegant glass bottles we have launched, like the one used for the Cherry Remover. Where we can, we aim to move all our products to this new classier, but more importantly recyclable design.

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Why? Up to 80% of all glass can be repurposed, whereas not all plastics can be recycled. In addition, when glass breaks down, it remains safe and exerts no toxins which can often be observed with plastic degeneration. Not only are these more beautiful on your lash trolley, but you’re doing the planet a big favour!

Although we have already been taking the listed steps to reducing our carbon footprint, we don’t plan to stop here. Our aim is to be the most eco-friendly lash brand on the global market, and make our industry as sustainable as we possibly can. Let us know what you think of our efforts so far by leaving a comment on our social channels!