Getting the Best out of Your Henna Brows!

Brow Henna is the number one product for making a bold statement with your brows!

What is Brow Henna?

The main difference between Brow Henna and other, traditional brow tints on the market is that the henna formula is totally natural and doesn't require a developer, making it much gentler on the skin, and significantly reduces the risk of irritation for your clients.

The colour is developed by bonding with the proteins in your hair and lasts for up to 6 weeks on the brow hairs. Additionally, the henna tints the skin, which lasts for around 2 weeks, depending on skin type. The henna colouring fades away naturally, and when used regularly can even help to thicken and regrow brows which have been over plucked in the past.

How to use your Brow Henna tint:

1. Ensure skin and brow hairs are completely clean and free from make-up and oils. Use an exfoliant to gently remove any dead skin in the area

2. Map the brows

3. Add a scoop of so henna powder to a non-metal container and mix with a few drops of water, ending up with a consistency slightly runnier than honey.

4. Apply the henna to the brows in a thick layer - this layer can be removed in sections to create an ombré effect

5. Allow drying for 15-20 minutes before gently wiping away with a cotton pad and gentle cleanser.

Tint can be repeated if a deeper tone is desired. Avoid washing the brows for 24 hours for the best results! After removing the dried mixture, lighter shades may take a little while to develop on the skin - have no fear! 

So Henna Brow powders come in 7 different shades, plus a toner for adding extra warmth if necessary - they can even be mixed to suit everyone!

Check out our video tutorial for a step by step guide!


What is the Brow Henna powder Made From?

Brow Henna powder is made 100% naturally from the Henna Plant. It is simply mixed with water to create a thin paste which is super easy to apply and is very gentle, even on sensitive skin.

Do I Need the Special Aqua Mineral when Mixing So Henna?

It's up to you! We have tested the Henna Powder with Aqua Mineral, distilled water, boiled water, rose water, filtered water and even tap water, and it always yielded great results! One thing to keep in mind though, is that if you are using tap water, you may see different results to another technician simply due to different areas having different levels of minerals in their water supply!

Do I Need a Specific Qualification to Use Brow Henna?

It's always better to have a qualification in brow architecture so that you can be sure the brows that you are creating will be perfectly suited to your client, and that your practices are the best ones. You should check with your insurance company whether you require you to have a qualification specifically with So Henna, or if you are able to simply use So Henna with your exiting Brow Architecture qualification. 

Do You Have to Patch Test for Henna Brow?

Absolutely. Even if your client has had tints and brow henna treatments before, if this particular treatment is new to them you should do a patch test. Although Brow Henna powder is natural, there will always be someone who will be allergic to it - a small patch in the inner arm just below the elbow, or just behind the ear are good places to do this, and it should be done at least 24 hours prior to when they actually want their treatment.

What if One of My Lines Goes a Bit Wobbly?

Simply dip a cotton bud or eyelash extensions cleansing brush into some of the Henna Brow removers and brush gently across the mistake! To avoid this in the first instance, it's worth mapping the brow shape you want with white paste, as this will keep your lines perfect!

How Long Does a Jar Last?

Each jar contains enough Henna powder for up to 30 treatments.

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Can I Wax the Brows Before Applying the Henna Mixture?

Yes you can - just make sure all traces of the wax are thoroughly cleaned from the brow area before applying so that you get lovely smooth lines. Also consider that freshly opened pores may become irritated by the henna mixture so it may be better for your client for the hair removal to be completed afterwards.

How Does the Henna Fade? Is it Gradual or Does it Flake?

The Henna will fade gradually on most people, however those who have dryer skin may see some flaking. We recommend that before you apply the Henna tint, you use a facial scrub to cleanse and smooth the area to really reduce the risk of flaking, and that clients are encouraged to massage in some brow oileach day to keep their skin soft, and their tint brighter for longer!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask! We can be reached via email at or over on Instagram!