How to Get More Clients Booked in Over the Festive Period

The festive period can be a hectic time of year, from rushing around for gifts to beauty appointment, getting ready for all those winter parties. Clients can book last minute, want super fast lash sets and get the full benefit on top. If you're a little newer to lashing or you just haven't yet seen the 'party season rush', we're here to give you some tips and tricks for filling up your lash calendar.

Social Media

First and foremost, make sure your social media is up to date - the vast majority of our potential clients will be checking us out on social media before making a decision about whether to book. They’ll be looking at the quality of the treatments you offer, and for a little bit of info about you.

Here are some general tips which will help you to increase your following, and to entice new clients to book in with you:

  • Make sure your photos are clear and high quality with good lighting, and take the time to correct any lashes or brow hairs that are a little out of place.
  • Make sure your profile isn’t private so that people can actually see what you offer at a glance.
  • Try switching to a business account if you’re able to - this doesn’t cost anything but will show you more in-depth statistics about your audience, and the best times for you to post your content - you’ll need an associated Facebook page in order to verify the business account.
  • Ensure your bio is easy to read, and gives off the right information. Let people know what you do, and where you are! Include a link to your website or booking system so that they can book with you nice and easily
  • Check your DMs, including requests. This one goes without saying, really, but messages can sometimes get lost if we have a lot.

London Lash Pro Instagram ProfileOffers & Discounts

These don’t have to be huge, just a little something to get someone’s attention. You could try:

  • A welcome discount for new clients, something like £10 off their first appointment.
  • A loyalty/stamp scheme - every 10th lash set is 30% off.
  • After your first visit, get a discount on Foaming Cleanser for Aftercare.
  • Refer a friend and they each get £10 off.

Of course, these are all examples - don’t be afraid to think outside the box to entice new clients in, and reward your existing clients! Any and all offers you have in place must make sense for your business specifically - you don’t want to wind up making a loss just on the off chance that you may see a flurry of clients over the next couple of weeks - think about longevity.

Use Time Saving Techniques

There are a few ways you can save time when you’re lashing, and let’s face it, we all love saved time! Being able to complete a high quality lash set in a little less time will be great for you, and appealing for your clients.

Try methods like taking back lash layers to isolate quickly and easily, or even swapping out some of your hand made Russian Volume Fans for Premade Fans, or Easy Fanning Lashes

But, this goes without saying, two areas you should NEVER try to save time on are Pretreatment, or stickie checks - these are fundamental to your client’s eye and lash safety! 

Easy Fanning Mega Volume Lashes 0.05 | Professional Eyelash Extensions at London Lash ProWhatever happens this festive season, have fun with it! If you end up with empty slots, spend that time focusing on what you can improve in your business next year.