Always at the cutting edge of lash lift technology, InLei®’s newest lash lifting shields for Lash Filler are their best shields yet! But what’s so good about them? What makes InLei® Forma Shields the best shields for lash lifts? 

If you’ve used InLei® Lash Filler before for your lash lift treatments, you’ll be aware how amazing a product line it is - the new Forma shields are no exception to that! These new shields give you a curl in between the InLei® Only and InLei® Only 1 shields - a lovely natural, dolly style lift which opens up the eyes. 

Unlike the InLei® Only and InLei® Only 1 shields, Forma shields come in one size which can be used on lashes of all lengths! Without the petal shaped crease, there is no danger of lashes that are too long for even the largest shields getting kinks in them by accident, and even tiny lashes can be lifted beautifully thanks to the Forma shields being perfectly flush to the eyelid.


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Forma shields come with two finishes, matte and shiny. Both are easy to adhere the lashes to, but the shiny finish makes cleaning tint from the shields super easy! Each pack of InLei® Forma shields contains 4 pairs of shields - two pairs have a matte front, while the other two pairs have a shiny front. This means that you can always have a pair of shields ready for your next client!

All of the shields have a shiny back, so you may not even need glue on some clients! Much like InLei®’s silicone eyepatches, the shiny surface can be stuck to the skin with just a little bit of water, so if your client is sensitive to the glue used for lash lifts, they can have their favourite treatment again! 


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InLei® Forma shields are made from 100% platinum silicone, making them hypoallergenic to suit every single client, and also makes it possible to reuse them time and again, as they can be disinfected with InLei® F Plus cleaning solution, and sterilised in an autoclave. These shields are latex free, but are very flexible, which, coupled with their half-moon shape, means that they will fit and be comfortable for the vast majority of your clients’ eye shapes.

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