Lash Lift Aftercare: Our Top Tips

Do you offer Lash Lifts as one of your lash treatments? If so, this blog post is for you! We'll take you through some of the best lash lift aftercare tips to pass on to your clients, helping to boost longevity and keep those enhanced lashes looking beautiful. A lash lift can last up to 8 weeks, but this can largely depend on how well the lashes are cared for. 

It’s easy to overlook lash lift aftercare - it is, after all, a low maintenance treatment which doesn’t demand too much from your client. However, by simply encouraging your clients to take a few crucial steps, you can not only demonstrate your level of professionalism and dedication to achieving the best results, but can reap the rewards of these results too. A longer lasting lash lift = happy, loyal clients! 

Lash lift with InLei® Lash Filler

We know that it’s not always possible to get all of the following information across during your lash lift appointments - similarly, it would be naive to expect your clients to remember everything. For this reason, we recommend creating a small ‘Lash Lift Aftercare Card’, which can include a condensed version of the following tips! 

Lash Lift Aftercare Tips

1. Avoiding Moisture

As with most lash treatments, the first 24-48 hours after the procedure is the most crucial. This is the time it takes for the biochemical effects to properly lock into place. It’s easy to quickly mention to your clients that they should avoid getting their lashes wet during this time, but providing a little more detail can make the world of difference!

Instead of simply advising them to avoid water, you should also mention that they need to avoid steam too. This means:

  • No trips to the sauna/steam room
  • No hot yoga classes! 

Something that might seem self-explanatory to us might not necessarily be so obvious to others - it’s better to err on the side of caution and provide as much information as possible (without overloading them, of course). 

2. Avoiding Excessive Heat

Another lash lift aftercare tip that is often overlooked is avoiding exposure to heat. Heat can break down the lash lift, reversing all your hard work and resulting in an unhappy client. By reminding your client to avoid sunbeds within the 48-hour window following the treatment, you can avoid any dreaded disappointment! 

3. Stay Away from Harsh Products

One of the most important aftercare tips to give to your clients after a lash lift is staying away from harsh cosmetic and/or chemical products. We know clients will want to crack on with their usual skincare routine, but some adjustments may be necessary!

Lash shampoo for lash lift aftercare

It is a good idea to inform clients that products containing AHAs (Alpha-hydroxy acids) and exfoliating cleansers can negatively impact their lash lift. Instead, a gentle cleanser or lash shampoo is advisable.

With the growing popularity of active ingredients in skincare products - usually acids - this is becoming increasingly important to mention. They can still use these magical products on the rest of their face, but the lash area should be avoided!

4. Be Careful with Make-up

Like skincare products, make-up can also have a detrimental impact on lash lifts - especially if used within the first 24-48 hours after treatment. Waterproof mascara is a big no-no, as are any other oil-based products as they take more force to remove.

If your clients have come to you for a lash lift, they may have tried natural products to enhance their lashes first - such as castor oil. But post lash lift treatment, this needs to be avoided! Oil can cause the lashes to straighten out, reversing the effects of the lash perm. 

5. Resist the Temptation to Rub! 

We all know how satisfying it can feel to rub your eyes. But particularly within the first 24 hours after a lash lift, it’s important for your clients to understand that excessively rubbing or pulling on the lash area can significantly affect how they look and can cause them to straighten. 

6. Lash Lift Aftercare Products

Lash lift aftercare products are often overlooked but they can make all the difference to your clients results! There are a couple of products you can recommend to your clients, or even retail to them to boost your income! Firstly, to promote lash growth, always recommend a peptide-based lash serum such as the InLei® Adiutriux Lash and Brow Serum.  Hormone-based lash serums can be extremely dangerous and cause adverse effects.Lash Serum for lash growth

Another product you can recommend to help keep the lashes nourished and avoid brittleness is the InLei® Fashion Lash Conditioner. This product contains ingredients that add a protective film to the lashes to protect them from environmental factors, as well as containing Mullein Flower extract to help keep the lashes silky and supple.

If your client still wants to wear mascara after their lash lift (never until 48 hours post-treatment!), you can advise a lash lift-safe mascara, such as the Frida Mascara. This is extremely gentle on the lashes, and gives the desired mascara effect whilst utilising the Keratix™ treatment which regenerates the hair, as well as amino acids and peptides that nourish and promote growth.

Lash Lift Aftercare MUSTS: 

Now for some quick steps your clients can take to improve the longevity of their lash lift! 

  • Consider purchasing a gentle eye makeup remover if you don’t already own one
  • Gently brush the lashes daily with a clean, dry lash wand
  • Use a lash serum and conditioner to keep the lashes nourished
  • If you really want to wear mascara, you can use a mineral mascara with natural fibres (but this is strictly only after the first 48 hours post-treatment)

We hope our top lash lift aftercare tips help to keep your clients happy and to avoid any possible disasters! If you have any more questions, just pop us a message on the chat below.