Storage and Shelf Life for Brow Bomber: Maximising the Potential of Your Brow Lamination Products

In the world of brow beauty, your brow lamination results depend on the performance of your products! Understanding the significance of storage and recognising the product's shelf life is vital. This practice not only secures unrivalled results but also guarantees each application's safety and quality. Let's explore how you can best preserve the freshness of your Brow Bomber products to achieve the best brows possible!

Brow Bomber products for the brow lamination treatment

Why Shelf Life Matters

Shelf life is the time frame in which a product maintains its intended safety and performance. After this period, the product may lose its efficacy, compromise safety, or both. Ensuring you use your Brow Bomber products within their recommended shelf life guarantees premium results and client satisfaction.

Identifying the "Use Before" Date

The "Use Before" date serves as your compass in the vast sea of product longevity. This date, which you can typically locate on the product packaging, indicates the final day the product is guaranteed to remain at peak performance. For Brow Bomber, adhering to this date ensures each brow transformation is consistent and up to the brand's standards. The dates can be located in different places on the product, depending on which one you purchase;

Brow Bomber bottles: Locate the beauty signs stating 3M (once opened, use within 3 months).

Brow Bomber brow lamination bottles use by dates

Brow Bomber sachets: Each sachet has a production date and use-by date.

Brow Bomber expiration dates

Storing in Optimal Conditions

Store your Brow Bomber products in a cool, dry place, sheltered from direct sunlight. Places with fluctuating temperatures such as close to a radiator or air conditioner, can affect product composition. Remember, the product's environment can either be its best friend or its worst enemy!

Humidity is Not a Friend

Humidity can quickly degrade the active ingredients in Brow Bomber. Choose a dedicated storage space, such as a drawer or a storage box, as the conditions in the room may fluctuate slightly, so keeping them in an airtight container is the best option. 

Seal with Care

Minimising air exposure is key. If you purchase the Brow Bomber bottles, they are airtight so this is much less of a concern as the containers are sealed tightly after each use to prevent ingredient degradation and maintain the product's lush consistency. However, if you work with the sachets, it’s important to be more vigilant about how they’re sealed. Using tape to seal the packet, as well as storing them in an airtight container, will help to maintain the integrity of the solutions.

Airtight container for lash extension products and brow lamination products

Organised Usage

Practise the "First In, First Out" approach to ensure older products are utilised before newly bought ones. This will help ensure that every application is as fresh as the last and no product goes to waste.

Keep Track with an Inventory System

Monitor your brow lamination product stock levels and shelf life dates regularly. Having a systematic inventory can help you quickly identify products nearing their "Use Before" date, reducing waste and ensuring optimal application. This is also a good safety precaution to give you peace of mind that you’re always using products that are in date and safe for use.

Hygiene First

This one goes without saying, but always employ clean, sanitised tools when using Brow Bomber products for the safety of not only your clients but your products. Introducing contaminants could also reduce the product's shelf life and compromise results.

Brow lamination brushes

Stay Informed

Stay abreast of any updates, storage insights, or product enhancements through InLei’s communications such as our Instagram page or the London Lash newsletter. This ensures you're always ahead, delivering top-tier services.

Brow Bomber's promise of stunning brow lamination results is realised when used within its optimal time frame. Proper storage and understanding of its shelf life are paramount for beauty professionals. By upholding these best practices, you're not just offering a safe and comfortable service but a beautiful brow lamination!

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