The Mastery Behind InLei® Brushes: Elevating Lash & Brow Artistry

When it comes to performing eyelash or brow treatments, the brushes you use can make or break your results. Recognising this pivotal role of tools, InLei® has meticulously designed a new range of brushes that seamlessly blend functionality, elegance, and precision. So… what’s new?


The Gentle Cleanser

The Fernando brush, with its distinct rounded tip, is the epitome of gentle yet effective cleaning for use during Lash Filler and Brow Bomber pretreatment. Its bristles are soft to the touch yet resilient, ensuring that every hair is catered to, leaving no residue behind. This versatile tool is not just a brush; it's an experience of thorough cleansing without compromising on the hair's delicacy.

Fernando lash brush and brow brush


Precision in Minutes

Time is of the essence in the beauty industry. The Tiziano brush, with its innovative design, ensures that lash positioning on the silicone shield is both swift and precise during a lash lift treatment. It's a testament to how efficiency and accuracy can coexist in a single tool, making your job faster, easier, and smoother.

Tiziano lash and brow brush for lash lift


The Brow Artist's Dream

Every stroke matters when defining eyebrows. The Rembrandt brush, with its ability to apply dye with laser-sharp precision, ensures that each brow hair is coated evenly. It's not just about colouring; it's about crafting a masterpiece with every application.

Rembrandt lash bush and brow brush for brow lamination and lash lift


The Versatile Maestro

In the dynamic world of lash and brow styling, adaptability is key. The Francisco brush is a testament to this adaptability. Whether it's the intricate task of outlining dye contours or the delicate process of inserting Filler 3 into thicker hairs, Francisco handles it all with unparalleled finesse. It is also suitable for the Brow Bomber 3, the final step in the Brow Bomber treatment, so you can rest assured that this brush means business.

Francisco brow and lash brush for lash lift kit and brow lamination kit


For the Subtle Details

There are moments in lash styling when subtlety is paramount. The ultra-thin Raffaello brush is designed for these intricate details. This brush is perfect for the accurate application of perming solutions during the Lash Filler treatment, especially when working on men's lash lamination, where a subtle touch can make all the difference, Raffaello stands out.

Raffaelo brow brush and lash brush

The Artistry Behind the Craft

InLei® doesn't just produce brushes; they craft experiences. Collaborating with a historic local brush factory in Italy, they ensure that tradition meets innovation. The birch wood handles, renowned for their durability, are a nod to timeless craftsmanship, while the siliconised acrylic varnish coating speaks of modern innovation. You can feel confident in the long-lasting durability of your tools even after cleaning.

The Importance of Brush Care

A tool is only as good as its maintenance, so always follow this effective three-step process to ensure the longevity and hygiene of your brushes. This not only ensures that the brushes remain in pristine condition but also guarantees the safety and satisfaction of clients.

  1. Washthe bristles with running water and mild soap straight after the treatment to avoid the product drying out on the bristles.
  2. Soak the tip of the brush for10-15 minutes in InLei® F PLUS Disinfecting Liquid.
  3. Rinsewith water and dry very well with a cloth.

In the vast canvas of lash and brow styling, InLei® brushes emerge as the perfect brushes, ensuring that every stroke is a step toward perfection. For professionals who believe in delivering nothing but the best, these brushes are not just tools; they are companions in their artistic journey.