Wedding Lashes: The Importance of a Thorough Consultation

Everyone enjoys the celebration of a couple joining each other in marriage, therefore weddings are very special days not only for the couple but the families and friends. Of course, a bride would always want to look her best on this important day and with professional photography capturing each moment, the bride wants to look her best. This is why a thorough and deep consultation for Wedding Lashes is one of the most important steps a Lash Tech must take when lashing a bride-to-be.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions on Model

Of course this means you’ll need to go through a more in-depth consultation than you normally would. During this consultation, you’ll want to establish a few things to ensure the set you provide is going to meet their expectations and their needs, and will complement their wedding look.

There are two main things you’ll need to consider in addition to all the usual consultation factors:

Have They Had Lashes Before?

This is less about allergic reactions (though OF COURSE we need to consider this) and more about wearability. Some of clients are well used to wearing long, thick lashes because they either always have, or they've worked their way up to them over some time, so it feels really normal to them to have this kind of lash set but for someone who has not had lashes before, going straight in with a dramatic volume set might feel super uncomfortable, especially for such a momentous occasion. 

Photograph of Married Couple on their Wedding Day

What Will Their Makeup Look Like? 

It is paramount to establish how they’re having their makeup, as this will have an impact on how they’re likely to want their lashes, or on what you'd recommend to suit said makeup look. If they’re having a super subtle look, they might like a really natural lash look, whereas if they intend to have a really intense smokey eye and contour along with highlight then volume lashes make sense. Lash extensions are just as customisable as the makeup itself, so consult, get examples from the bride-to-be and present her with options of your own.

Establish A Timeframe

It's always worth advising your client to make sure she does a 'test run' of her wedding lashes several weeks before the big day. Not only will this establish and potential issues but it will also tell you if they are prone to allergies to the lash glue. No one wants to have an allergic reaction before a big occasion. Therefore, you can simply infill any gaps before the wedding day after the test run of the desired lashes.

Lash Extension Isolation and Application

TOP TIP - Don't forget to make as many notes on the client's wishes, which Eyelash Extensions and Glue you'll be using so that when the client comes back for the final lash set, you are pre-prepared and ready to with the knowledge of what is needed.

When it comes to wedding lashes - or lashes for any important occasion - it’s worth noting on your website and/or social media that you have a more in-depth procedure and some extra steps in place when it comes to appointments to make sure the set is perfect, and the client is left happy and comfortable.