Lash Tweezers Have Had A Glow Up, Here’s Why They’re the BEST

We’re sure that by now you’re well aware of what exactly makes our tweezers so great (don’t worry, we’ll be happy to remind you if you aren’t aware just yet!) but we’ve actually found a way to make them even better! 

First Things First…

We made reference to our tweezers being a great choice, and if you’ve never used them before you’re well within your rights to question that statement, after all we’re almost certainly biassed, right? 

Well sure, there is some level of bias there, however we don’t like to make baseless claims! There’s a good reason we know that our tweezers are great, that’s because we check each and every pair of lash extensions tweezers that arrive in our warehouse before they ever make it to the shelves. 

When new tweezers arrive, they’ve already been checked over by our quality controllers in the factory they’re made in – the tweezers are stamped out of sheet metal (stainless steel) by machine and are fused and finished by hand. On our standard tweezers, you can see that there are often little tiny scratches on the inside of the tweezers’ boot, this is because they have been filed to perfection! 

When they get to us, we check them over for imperfections in the way of scuff marks (other than the file marks we know, expect, and love), dents, tarnishing or anything else that would affect their aesthetic or their performance. We make a few fans using a range of fanning techniques to make sure that whoever they go to, they’ll live up to expectations, and we make sure they are the same thickness on both sides to ensure that they are sturdy without being too difficult to use. 

Once they’ve passed all of these tests, we give them a thorough clean with some acetone, replace the rubber tip protector and put them in their box with a little sticker to show that we’ve checked them to perfection for you. Only then do they get added to the stock ready for you to buy! 

What Sets Fiber Tip Tweezers Apart?

Well, in fairness, if you look quickly you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re the same as our others. They’re the same jet black stainless steel, the same size and shape as their standard counterpart, and they’ll feel pretty much the same in your hand. The difference is on the inside of the foot. 

On our Fiber Tip Volume Tweezers, you’ll see a hex-texture that’s been etched into the inner tips to provide you with the most grip you’ve ever seen on a set of volume tweezers. This helps you to pick up volume fans of varying sizes with control and with the confidence that they won’t fall apart on you. 

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We’ve developed three of our most loved tweezer varieties to have Fiber Tips (we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of making more, if you like them 👀). It just so happens that these are the three pairs most likely to be used for volume fans. Let’s talk about that…

Fiber Tip Tweezers for Volume Lashes

Volume tweezers aren’t the only tweezers for lash extensions that you’d need decent grip for, we all know that (stickies be gone!) but they definitely need to be able to handle more than your average pair. 

Something else we all know is that each pair of tweezers has its own unique sweet spot which is that specific little point on the foot where lashes are gripped to absolute perfection. The beauty of Fiber Tip Tweezers is that owing to that hex-texture, the whole foot serves as the biting point, so you never have to go through that ‘getting to know you’ stage that you do with other tweezers. 

If you’re not too sure which pair is right for you, we’ll give you a crash course in volume tweezer selection:

Multifunctional Tweezers are pretty much a staple of any lash kit (in my humble opinion), as they do it all. Pick up and place classics, isolate lashes at a really user-friendly angle, make quick 2D volume fans and even separate stickies (easier than ever now with their fancy new fiber grip!) 

Regular Volume Tweezers are great for lash beginners and give you lots of control over your fans due to their wider foot. 

Fine Tip Volume Tweezers are a solid favourite of so many Lash Techs due to that fine tip. Not only do they have all the control and grip you need to make excellent fans, but due to that thinner foot they are really great at making fans with even the shortest lash extensions. 

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Before we let you go grab your new pair of tweezers, we have to be honest with you about the one difficulty you might encounter when using these tweezers. If you ever find that you accidentally get some lash extensions glue on the foot of the tweezers, you’ll find that you’ll have a slightly harder time getting that glue out from the grooves in the fiber tip. To help you out with that, we’ve created bundles for each variant of these tweezers which come with a bottle of our glue remover for tweezers. If you get glue on the foot, pop them in the glue remover for tweezers and let them sit for a while before giving them a thorough cleaning with the little foam balls inside the vial and they’ll clean up perfectly for you!