What is Lash Lift? 

We’ve been official distributors for inLei’s Lash Filler range for a few years, and it’s firmly cemented itself as one of our favourite treatments of all time! It lifts lashes, enhancing their curls and adding the appearance of extra length, it even thickens the natural lashes by up to 24%! It’s also a super relaxing treatment to carry out as a technician, so it’s kind of a win for you as well as a win for your client. 

For as much as we adore Lash Filler, we don’t shout about how great it is nearly enough! To fix that, we thought we’d give you a little bit of an overview, so you can get to grips with the Lash Filler treatment, and how the inLei range takes it to a whole new level! 

What is a Lash Lift? 

A lash lift does exactly what you’d expect from the name - it lifts the lashes. It’s a chemical process which alters the shape of the natural eyelashes so that they appear longer, are more curled and they even look thicker! 

The whole treatment takes about an hour to an hour and a half. During this time, your lashes are lifted and tinted to really enhance them - often, you won’t even need mascara after a lash lift! 

How Long Does A Lash Lift Last?

Owing to the high quality formula and proven results, an inLei Lash Filler treatment will have a long lasting effect on the lashes long after the treatment has been carried out. During laboratory tests on human volunteers, it was found that between each treatment, the lashes - including newly grown lashes - were thicker and more curled than they had been previously. 

In short, a Lash Filler treatment lasts as long as the lashes themselves do, but as our eyelashes don’t all grow at the same rate, it’s advisable to repeat the treatment every 3-5 weeks depending on your client’s specific lash cycle to ensure that their lashes look their best at all times! 

How Can You Expect Your Lashes to Look After Lash Filler?

Just to give you an idea of the gorgeous results you can expect from a Lash Filler treatment, here’s a lash lift before and after photo, plus a close up of the increased thickness in the lashes on one of the volunteers.

what is lash lift, lash lift aftercare, how long does lash lift last, lash lift before and after
Lash Filler by Karolina Swiderska


what is lash lift, lash lift before and after, lash lift aftercare, how long does lash lift last


What About Lash Lift Aftercare?

Lash lift aftercare is nice and easy - cleanse the lashes at least once per day with a gentle foaming lash cleanser and try not to sleep directly on the lashes or rub them very hard. 

With a lash lift and tint, you may not even need mascara, but if you do, in the interests of great lash lift aftercare, it’s good to use something that was formulated specifically for use on lashes after Lash Filler - inLei Fashion Lash provides a nourishing barrier between the lashes and mascara, or even just the elements! It helps the effects of a lash lift last longer. 

Lash Lift aftercare is the most important though, in the first 24 hours after treatment - in that time, you mustn’t get the lashes wet, sleep directly on them, rub them, or apply makeup to them as these things will cause the lashes to lose their lifted effect, and may even cause them to sit in strange directions that certainly weren’t intended! 

If you’re keen to try out Lash Filler, you can even pick up a sample pack to see how much you love it before committing to the full kit - just be aware that this is not a treatment which can be carried out at home - these products are for professional use only, and the professional carrying out the treatment will need to be qualified in Lash Filler or Lash Lifts in order to use these products safely and effectively.