Why Superbonder Lash Sealant Should Be In Every Lash Tech's Lash Kit!

Superbonder is one of our best selling products ever - god forbid we ever sell out! But what is it about Superbonder that makes it the ‘must have’ item in so many lash technicians’ kits? 

What is Superbonder? 

To put it simply, Superbonder is a lash glue sealant, you apply it at the end of the treatment and it cures the glue immediately, without causing any shock polymerisation, and without making the glue brittle. 

You use Superbonder right at the end of your treatment. Once you’ve applied that last lash and you’ve checked for stickies, take your Superbonder and two microfibre brushes, just like you would use to apply your pretreatment. Apply a drop of Superbonder to your brushes and dab off the excess onto a tissue to prevent it from running into the eyes. 

microfibre brush, lash sealant, lash bonder, super bonder, eyelash bonder,  eyelash glue, lash glueNext, you're going to dab it along the glue bonds on the eyelash extensions to instantly cure the glue. Superbonder does this without causing shock polymerisation and without causing the glue to become brittle. The glue bonds remain flexible and move with the eyelashes and the extensions, which in turn increases retention time! 

What's So Bad About Brittle Glue?

Brittle or shock polymerised glue just isn't going to last you long. When the glue doesn't move in harmony with the lashes, but rather stays where it wants to, you’re likely to find that the lashes just ping off! You'll also have issues with retention as the glue will cure before it's had a chance to form a strong bond between the eyelash extension and natural lash, which is obviously NOT what we want ever.

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Can You Use Superbonder in a Nanomister?

No. You really shouldn't be using Superbonder in a Nanomister, or in any way other than how we've described above. Superbonder - though classed and registered as a cosmetic product due to its use and components - does have some ingredients which may not be too friendly to the skin and the eyes should it be directly applied. This is why we’re dabbing off the excess, and this is why we’re applying it straight to the glue bonds without touching the skin or allowing it to get into the eyes.

Could You Use Superbonder Alongside a Nanomister?

There's really no need. Superbonder works perfectly well on its own and, between you and me, nanomisters can play havoc with your retention. The gentle misting of water at the end of treatment can make glue brittle, which as we've mentioned will not help your retention, and if you use a nanomister too close to the lashes, you can also end up with shock polymerisation in your work, so we'd ideally recommend using Superbonder by itself for the absolute best results.

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What Else is Great About Superbonder?

As well as keeping glue flexible, Superbonder ensures that all fumes are neutralised, which helps to prevent chemical burns and reduces the chances of allergic reactions (note that this won’t completely remove any chance of a reaction, but as the fumes are gone before the client even leaves the salon it will help to prevent it). It also means that clients who like to shower, swim or even cry soon after treatment can do so to their heart's desire (did someone say we’re watching the notebook and eating tubs of ice cream? Okay let’s go, my lash tech used Superbonder)

This is also particularly excellent for those of you who are doing lashes in holiday locations  - your clients can come in for their lashes at lunch time, leave with a full set and go straight to the pool! What could be better? 

You’ll also find this beneficial if you’re lashing somewhere with a very hot and humid climate - you can control the environment inside, but once your client steps outside it’s down to mother nature. If you’re not using Superbonder to seal the glue, you may have some issues with retention here. Dab on that magical formula and your retention woes are OVER!