About Ukrainian Beauty UK

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London Lash founder Hanna Putjato first came to the UK from Belarus 13 years ago, unable to speak English. After finding a passion for lash extensions, Hanna started to teach the emerging Volume technique. Hanna had always been keen to pass on her knowledge and passion for eyelash extensions to other people, so she quickly gained popularity on social media and London Lash started being recognised by the eyelash extensions community.

With Hanna having grown up so close to the borders of Ukraine, the building conflict meant that the suffering of the people of Ukraine was particularly close to her heart. Hanna couldn’t sit back and do nothing. Understanding the severity of the situation and how quickly it was escalating, Hanna wanted to help families escape the conflict and start afresh in the UK, which is why she set up  “Ukrainian Beauty UK” an organization to help Ukrainian beauty therapists gain employment in the UK.

Due to Hanna’s own experience of coming to the UK being unable to speak English whilst also facing the twin fears of uncertainty and rejection, the Ukrainian Beauty UK scheme serves to give opportunities to those whose world is being shaken from the core. Hanna hopes to secure a future for Ukrainian refugees by helping them to develop widely sought after skill sets, while gaining confidence and independence in their new/developing careers.