London Lash Summer Rooftop Party

What is the summer rooftop party?

The London Lash Summer Rooftop Party will be our FIRST summer networking event! We decided to make it a party after how much you - and we - enjoyed our Black Friday Launch Party back in 2021!

London Lash Summer Party

We weren’t sure how a lash party would be received, so we decided to host it on an invite only basis where we invited friends of London Lash alongside some leading industry influencers, which had a lot of you experiencing major FOMO!

After hosting the party and seeing all the messages we received from those of you who would have loved to have been there, we realised there was a HUGE demand for events in the lash community, so we wanted to host a larger event that would allow for up to 500 of you to be able to attend and link up with like-minded lashies!

The purpose of the party is to bring the fun and sense of community to lashing and allow a group of people who have, let’s be honest, experienced a rough couple of years to brush shoulders with friends old, new and potential, all with cocktails and canapés in hand! In a career that can often be quite isolating - often working 12hr days, lashing back to back - we wanted to create an event that would allow you to let your hair down, meet new friends and escape reality for a little while!

Whether it's networking with fellow lash techs, educators or asking the London Lash team your burning questions, this is an event for everyone to come and start off their Summer with a BANG!

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