InLei® Forma



InLei®’s brand new Forma Lash Shields are a revolution in Lash Filler Shield design! With no petal-shaped crease, they are a perfect fit for almost any eye shape, don’t run the risk of leaving kinks in even the longest of lashes!

The half-moon shape and gentle curve of these shields mean that you can achieve perfect dolly style lash lifts for clients with any eye shape, and the hypoallergenic platinum silicone means that you can reuse them on any client time and again! 

Each pack has four pairs of shields in the same universal size, meaning you can always have a pair ready when your next client walks in! 

All Forma shields have a shiny back which can be held in place with just a light layer of water for some clients, so you may not even need glue (just like InLei® Silicone Eyepatches!) - perfect for any clients who are sensitive to the glue!

Two pairs in each pack have a shiny front, while two pairs have a matte front. Both finishes are super easy to adhere the lashes to, but the shiny finish makes cleaning up that lash tint even easier! 

Product details

  • Differentiated for right and left eye by a small dash. Right eye shield has the dash.
  • Create beautiful natural/open eye looks
  • Made from 100% hypoallergenic platinum silicone of the highest quality. 
  • Can be sanitised withInLei® F Plus and sterilised in autoclave.
  • Pack contains 4 pairs of the same size silicone shields - 2 with a matte front, and 2 with a glossy front
  • All shields have a glossy back so may not even need glue on some clients
  • No 'ledge' means no risk of kinks in super long lashes
  • The absence of a petal crease means that these shields can be used the vast majority of eye shapes
  • The FORMA Shields are universal sizes due to their shape, so you can use the same shields on clients with all eye shpes and lash lengths


PLEASE NOTE: Clients with extremely coarse lashes, or lashes which are growing straight downwards will not be the ideal users of these shields, and are unlikely to see the expected results from InLei® Lash Filler


Product properties

Heat-resistant Hypoallergenic Latex-free Vegan
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beta Ghorishi
Lovely lift

These shields give such a lovely natural lift - you do not get the risk of the straight unnatural look with a kink from the rod look. It creates a nice simple lash lift. The rods are much easier to apply and softer on the eye.

Adore these!

Some of the best I’ve ever used. They’re great quality and has never failed me. There easy to stick the lashes and remove them. I would highly recommend it!

Great lift for medium long to long lashes

These shields give a fab lift and no adhesive required! The shield material sticks to skin holding it in place. I would say these shields are not suitable for short lashes though. Medium and long lashes is fantastic. I’ve achieved great lift from it so far with medium to long lashes.