3 Reasons Mister Fix is Absolutely Necessary During Brow Lamination!

On the surface, it might seem like there’s little difference between InLei Fixing Gel and it’s cool younger brother Mister Fix - they’re both water soluble glues which are intended to keep the hairs in place during a lifting procedure, so you can just use the same Fixing Gel for Brow Lamination, right? Wrong! We’re here to explain the finer details about InLei Mister Fix - what makes it so good for brow lamination? What makes it different from the InLei Fixing Gel? 

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Why is Mister Fix so good for brow lamination?


Mister Fix has been formulated specifically to be used during the Brow Bomber treatment. The inLei team, along with a team of scientists worked together to create a glue for this one specific treatment - each and every ingredient has been tested and selected, so that the resulting product is perfect for the brows! 

Here are three reasons why it’s absolutely essential to your treatment:

Reason 1 - The formula is perfect for brow lamination

We’ve touched on the formula above, but it has to be mentioned that Mister Fix has been designed in a way that perfectly coats the brow hairs from root to tip whilst allowing the Form 1 and Fix 2 to penetrate the hair and do their jobs. Mister Fix has also been tested from a dermatological standpoint and has been deemed non-irritative, that means no discomfort for your client and brows that are photo-ready at the end of the treatment without even a hint of redness! 

Mister Fix’s formula allows it to wrap around the hairs from root to tip, which protects them. Due to the way we apply the perming solutions during a Brow Lamination procedure, the tips of the hairs can often have a wavy finish at the end of treatment - this means that they have been over-processed and singed during the treatment! Mister Fix prevents this, so we will always get perfectly lifted and healthy brows! This isn’t something we need to consider during a Lash Filler treatment, as we’re not applying the perming solutions to the tips of the hairs. 


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Reason 2 - Application

Where Mister Fix far surpasses Fixing Gel as the best glue for brow lamination is in its application - this does come to the formula as well. Mister Fix has a medium viscosity, meaning that it’s not so thick that it will be a barrier between the brow hairs and the perming solutions, and not so thin that it would ever run after application. Put simply, it is perfect for its role!

Mister Fix also dries more gradually than Fixing Gel, which allows you to apply it and brush the brows into exactly the right position without it drying prematurely. Fixing Gel is perfect for its respective role as well, in that it dries quickly, which prevents the lashes from pinging off of the shield while you’re lifting them, which is exactly why it isn’t really suitable for Brow Bomber treatments. 

As Mister Fix retains its flexibility, the brow hairs are not put under additional strain at the roots, which is another reason why Brow Bomber brows are so amazing - the hairs are left happy!

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Reason 3 - Bottle Design

Like the rest of the Brow Bomber line, the Mister Fix bottle is airless and is dispensed via a pump instead of brushed directly onto the brows. This means that you always get the correct amount so there is no waste, you always use ALL of the product as the pump pushes the product upwards, leaving none stranded in the bottom, and lastly that no air can get to the product, which means that it isn’t affected by the environment around it and as a result lasts even longer!

If you’ve never tried Mister Fix alongside your Brow Bomber treatment, now is the time - you’re guaranteed amazing effects! 


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