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InLei® Pre-treatment Kit

"In Lei" Pre-treatment Kit (RRP £32.56 is purchased separately)

  • - Inlei Bag 
  • - Foam- Aloe 1pc 
  • - Salin Solution
  • - Cleansing brush - Compact 



"In Lei" Delicate Mousse Cleanser for Eyebrows, eyelashes and face (Aloe)

  • Gentle foaming mousse consistency
  • Oil free
  • Contains Aloe extract
  • Perfect for cleansing the brow area before tinting treatment
  • Suitable for cleaning lashes
  • Removes make up, oils and dust/dirt from hairs and skin
  • The addition of Aloe extract moisturises, protects and nourishes skin and hairs.

"In Lei" Saline Pre-treatment

  • essential pre-treatment in the eyebrow tinting process
  • can be used prior to thickening treatments, lash and brow colouring, lash lift and lamination
  • cleanses and degreases the hair and skin
  • preps and primes the area for the treatment

Use the Saline before applying the tint to get the best tinting results.