When it comes to our line of work, appearances count for almosteverything! We put so much effort into making our clients look incredible, that it can be quite easy to overlook what our workspace looks like! Here are our top tips for making your workspace look as flawless as those lashes you’re known for! 

1. Take a Picture

It’s so unbelievably easy to overlook when things start to look a bit run down, or even messy - taking a photo of your workspace will help you to see the areas that could do with a bit of a refresh. If you have a trusted friend or two, see if you can get their input on things that could be updated as well. 

2. Think About Your Branding

This is more for your social accounts and making sure everything there looks beautiful, but you can also add little elements of your brand colours into your decor to keep everything super cute, and on theme. An easy way to do this is to...

3. Accessorise

There’s a lot to be said for adding in a few little accessories here and there - a new set of shelves, a few plants, some cool posters and a cute lash mirror are inexpensive ways to freshen up your space, without being too invasive to the room’s infrastructure - that means no issues if you’re renting your room/salon! 

4. Paint

Give your walls a fresh coat of paint every 12-18 months to keep everything super fresh and clean. It’s easy to overlook those scuff marks on the skirting boards and behind the reception desk, but they make a difference to the overall look of the place. 

5. Invest in Storage Solutions

As lash technicians, we have a lot ofstuff - investing in some cost-effective but cute storage solutions will go a long way. Whether it’s the modular box shelves from Ikea with drawers wherever you want them, or a new lash trolley organiser, just having a little place for everything will work wonders for keeping your space super cute and super tidy!

What Else?

It’s also worth noting that your own appearance will play a role in the impression that you are giving to your clients. It may sound superficial but everything your client sees factors into how they feel about their whole experience, so taking a little time to make sure you look nice will also help. Besides, if you look good, you feel good; and when you feel good, it’s much easier to give that great customer service people have come to know and love! Here are a couple of tips to help you look and feel super cute:

1. Hair

Tie long hair back neatly. Not only will this give you a bit more of a polished appearance, but you’ll have one less distraction when you come to do the lashes, as you’ll not have to push any hair out of your face.

2. Nails

Try to keep your nails on the shorter side, and -if they’re painted - opt for more neutral shades. Want to add a little bit of glitter or an accent nail? Go for it! The main thing is that you treat those hard working hands to a little bit of TLC. As an extra little treat for your hands and your mental health (there is a LOT to be said for taking a little break!), opt for a fortnightly manicure to keep your nails in perfect condition.

3. Clothing

First things first, while we want to look at least a little bit professional, leggings and/or comfy trousers areabsolutely fine! Don’t sacrifice your comfort to look ‘super professional’ - you’ve got to sit for a long time so looser clothing that moves and expands with you is going to be far better for your overall comfort than wearing something tighter and fancier. Opt for black clothing and neutral tones - they’re timeless classics in clothing colours and you can do so much to accessorise and dress them up! 

Lots of love,