Lash Salon Business Tips: How To Set Up Your Beauty Room

When it comes to our line of work, appearances count for almost everything! We put so much effort into making our clients look incredible that it can be quite easy to overlook what our workspace looks like. Here are our top tips for making your lash room look as flawless as those lash extensions you’re known for! 

Look at Your Space Critically

It’s so unbelievably easy to miss when things start to look a bit run down, or even messy – taking a photo of your beauty room will help you to see the areas that could do with a bit of a refresh. If you have a trusted friend or two, see if you can get their input on things that could be updated as well. 

Once you get an idea of what needs to be updated, look into how you can upgrade your space. Remember, that it's often the little touches which really take a space from a 5 to a 10, so update your soft furnishings, grab a couple of salon decor posters and perhaps a couple of plants and you're onto a winner!

a salon reception area with a small sofa and three lash posters

Accessorise Your Lash Room

Like we touched on above, there’s a lot to be said for adding in a few little accessories here and there – a new set of shelves, a few plants, some cool lash salon posters and a cute lash mirror are inexpensive ways to freshen up your lash room, without being too invasive to the room’s infrastructure – that means no issues if you’re renting your lash room/beauty salon! 

In addition to this, having a professional looking set up is a must, so look into things like beauty bed covers and lash foam pillows to ensure your clients are comfortable the whole time they're with you!

Beauty beds in a beauty salon


Storage Solutions for Your Lash Supplies

As Lash Technicians, we have a lot of stuff. Investing in some cost-effective but cute storage solutions will go a long way. Adding an acrylic organiser to your lash trolley will keep all of your tools and products in one place, which will make it easier for you to work, and will also give your clients a good impression of you as well. 

Lash trolley storing lash extension supplies

Instead of this (or as well as) you would do well to have a lash tweezer case to keep all of your lash extensions tweezers protected and hygienic – there are few things that will ruin your work day like dropping your tweezers and bending the tips!

What Else?

It’s also worth noting that your own appearance will play a role in the impression that you are giving to your clients. It may sound superficial, but everything your client sees factors into how they feel about their whole experience. So taking a little time to make sure you look professional will also help. Besides, if you look good, you feel good; and when you feel good, it’s much easier to give that great customer service people have come to know and love! 

One super simple way to assure that you look professional at all times is to invest in a lash tunic, which not only looks smart and stylish, but also protects your clothing from lash extensions glue and pretreatment products.

How you look after and decorate your salon space says a lot about you as a Lash Technician, and can be the difference between someone rebooking with you and recommending you to their friends, and finding someone else to visit for their lash appointments in the future.