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Acrylic Lash Storage Organiser

There are few greater joys than a perfectly organised workstation! With this Lash Trolley organiser your tools will be close at hand, your lashes exactly in order and your pretreatment exactly where you want it. Your colleagues will covet it, your clients will admire your professionalism - what could be better? 

This organiser has space for 10 palettes which each hold 9 rows of lashes, two long drawers for tool storage, and six compartments to give you easy access to the tools and equipment you need most. 


  • Dimensions - 27.5cm x 25.5 x 11.2 cm 
  • 10 palettes included

Please Note: due to the shine and printing on this organiser, cleaning should be carried out with antibacterial wipes, or window cleaning wipes to maintain shine and a clean appearance. If any streaking occurs after cleansing, a microfibre cloth can be used to buff the streaks away. 

Be gentle with my lid, lift and put it back gently so you won't break me! :)


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