December 20, 2018 2 min read

You have all been patiently waiting; filling our inbox with hundreds, if not thousands (we see you messaging twice!) of messages asking when 0.07 silk lashes will be back in stock…

Well, now they are FINALLY back.

They are back and better than EVER. After months of development and research we would like to introduce you to our new and improved Volume Chelsea Silk eyelash extensions…

So, what exactly makes our Chelsea Silk lashes New and Improved?

 The fibre of the lash

We are now pleased to announce that the fibre our 0.07 Chelsea Silk lash is produced with has been upgraded to the highest quality synthetic fibre on the market.

It was important for us to continue using synthetic fibre, as we pride ourselves on being a vegan AND cruelty free brand.

 You will definitely see an improvement in quality when creating glamorous volume looks with these lashes!



We know how frustrating it is when you transfer a strip of lashes from the box to your palette or when you come to remove a strip of lashes from your palette after a long day of lashing and it RIPS!!

You are left with bits of paper stuck to your palette and basically a horrible looking mess!!

However we have got your back! Our new 0.07’s come on foil strips for easy palette placement and removal. You can say goodbye to pesky paper residue for good!


Easier Fan Creation

Yup that’s right. Your volume appointments are about to get a whole lot quicker and more efficient. Our new upgraded lash not only comes on foil strips for easy palette cleaning. The thinner, shorter tape of the foil strip allows for loose lashes.

Looser lashes = fans opening up like a DREAM.

Why not give our new lashes a go? We have given you the lowdown so now it is time to put them to the test! 

 To purchase click here*

* Available in Single Size D-Curl 0.07, Single Size CC Curl 0.07, Single Size C Curl 0.07, Single Size LC Curl 0.07, Single Size L Curl 0.07 AND Mixed Size 0.07.

 FYI: The first FIFTY customers can receive an EXCLUSIVE 10% discount by using code SILK10 – what are you waiting for?


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