Behind the Mask offers U.K. hair and beauty professionals FREE online training to help spot the signs that someone’s experiencing domestic abuse and how to respond in the best way.

Abuse may be psychological, physical, sexual, harassing, coercion or control. It’s so broad and not easy to spot. It’s not always physical and even injuries can be masked by clothing or makeup.

With some insight, our unique relationships with clients or colleagues may reveal what’s hidden ‘behind their mask’.

For many reasons, those experiencing it may tell no one. As a regular client, you may notice if they’re less chatty, appear withdrawn or anxious. If they’re masking injuries, they may look uncomfortable or overdressed for the weather. You may notice that they have to respond to their partner’s phone calls or messages or they may be in a hurry and seem anxious about it. Some abusing behaviors can affect their appointments as they may not show or have to cancel with little notice due to injury or control.

Many women tell their Hairdresser, Nail or Lash Artists things that they haven’t told anyone else. We can often feel like ‘therapists’ in the counseling sense! Treatment rooms are much more than a relaxing ‘space’ for clients. Many see them as a safe place.  That time may be one of the few opportunities they have to be on their own - where they can reach out for help, or at least be open to it.

1 in 4 women will experience abuse in their lifetime.

2 are killed each week.

They may be our clients, our colleagues, our family or our friends. A kind and sensitive word from a trusted person who can signpost to professional support services might change or save a life.

22 minutes of your time can really make a difference to someone in need. It can be life-changing, even lifesaving. The training is FREE and always will be. Take it now at and receive your certificate and support pack.

Since it was launched last August, over 10,000 people from around the world have taken the training. Hundreds have said that they feel confident to help others and are now doing so. Over 130 U.K. hair and beauty training schools include it in their courses and over 1000 amazing people are champions for this cause. They use their vast networks to encourage colleagues to take the course - just like London Lash Pro.

Together, we’re looking out for our clients today, so they can be clients tomorrow.