Lash Technicians: How to Give a Great Consultation

Hi! How are you today? 

A consultation is one of the most important parts of any lash treatment - especially with those first time clients - but it just so happens to be one of the easiest parts to rush through or skip entirely. 

Why Should Lash Technicians Do a Consultation? 

There are lots of reasons, which we will OF COURSE go into, but the simple answer is that it’s such an easy way to build rapport with a client - finding out what they like, making them feel at ease with you, figuring out which lashes will work best for their face shape AND their lifestyle. A good consultation will help you to make all of your stylistic choices for any given lash set, and any given client. Here’s how:

Build Rapport

We’ve touched on this already, but let’s take a closer look. Having a little chat with your client about what they want from their time with you will make a big difference to how comfortable they feel having their lashes done by you. Think about it - they’re basically trusting you to do whatever you want for two hours while their eyes are shut.

Sure, eyelash extensions aren’t totally permanent and you can remove them if they hate them afterwards, but why go through the hassle? Why waste supplies, create an awkward or potentially hostile environment, and run the risk of bad reviews all because you rushed or skipped the consultation? 

The long and short of it is that if you just sit and have a bit of a chat about what your client wants will help them to trust you as a person, and as a professional. It shows that you care about how they ultimately feel, and that you know what you’re doing! 

Find Out More About Your Clients

Use this time to find out more about the kind of look they’d like - are they working in a bank and only allowed a subtle lash set? Are they really into big makeup looks and long, mega volume lashes

Assess Their Face Structure

Use your skills to assess the kind of look that would work best for them while you’re speaking to them - do they have a wider set of eyes or a close set? Are their eyelids hooded? Consider these things when you’re thinking about the styling you’re going to suggest for them, but also keep in mind that they may dismiss this and ask for a long cat style. Will it suit them? Maybe not. Will it make them happy? Sure! We all like getting what we want. 

You’ll find that making them happy by working to their requests in the first instance will make them trust you more - after a few treatments you’ll most likely have more luck in convincing them that your suggestions are worth listening to. 

‘Welcome back! I’d really love to try a slightly different style on you today, it’ll really compliment your eye shape! Would that be okay?’ 

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Have A Closer Look

You’ve already assessed their face shape and the distance between their eyes, but how about the way their lashes are growing? Are they growing downwards, straight or upwards? Assessing this will help you to pick the best curl(s) for their lash set. If they have some gaps in their lashes, you might want to opt for wider fans, or a thicker flat lash to cover this gap. 

Once you’ve picked the style, the lengths and curls, write it all down on the consultation card to refer to next time! It will save you time and show how organised you are. 

PRO TIP: If your client mentions events they might be going to with their new lashes, write this down too on their consultation card - this way you can ask about it next time and secure yourself in their mind as the most attentive and amazing lash tech they’ve EVER been to! 

Whatever follows your consultation is up to you, but carrying out a GREAT consultation might just be the deciding factor in whether your client comes back to you time and again, or goes back to the selection pool for a new lash tech!