The Best Eyelash Glue Accessories For Lash Techs

As a Lash Technician, your eyelash glue is one of the most essential products in your lashing kit. So it’s crucial that you know how to look after your lash glue to keep it fresh and in good condition! To help you with this, we’ve listed our best lash glue accessories that are essential for a Lash Tech to look after their eyelash glue. 

Eyelash Glue Shaker

One of the main reasons why your lash glue may not be performing as well as it should be is because of the inconsistent proportion of the glue ingredients. When you haven’t used your eyelash glue in a while, or between lash treatments, the ingredients within it will separate. So every time that you go to use your lash glue, you always need to make sure you shake your glue well so the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

While you could opt for manually shaking your eyelash glue, this can be time consuming, doesn’t guarantee your lash glue’s ingredients have mixed together properly, and can cause unnecessary strain on your wrists. So to save your hands from getting tired and to mix your lash glue more efficiently, we recommend using a Lash Glue Shaker. An eyelash glue shaker reduces the time needed for the perfect lash glue mix from 60 seconds, to just 15 seconds! Using centrifugal force, it will mix the lash glue perfectly, whilst also keeping the eyelash glue from clogging the nozzle of the bottle, which is a common occurrence when you manually shake your lash glue.

Eyelash glues and lash glue shaker

Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer

A Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer measures the humidity and air temperature in your beauty room. Utilising this tool means that you can find a lash glue that works best for you and your lash room! Once you’ve found that glue, the Hygrometer will help you stay in control of your beauty room’s conditions to ensure they remain at their optimal levels. Fluctuations within the temperature and humidity levels of your salon will have an impact on the drying speed of your glue, and can result in poor retention of your client’s lash extensions. If you’d like to find out more about how you can ensure your beauty room has the best conditions for your lash glue, you can check out our blog post which covers this topic in more detail!

Digital hygrometer for eye lash glue

Lash Glue Stones & Stickers

Using a lash glue ring can cause you and your clients to breathe in lash glue fumes directly, and also increases the risk of spilling the eyelash glue onto your clients' face or hair! To help you avoid this from happening, we recommend you use an eyelash glue stone instead. This handy accessory is not only a stylish addition to ANY Lash Tech's eyelash extensions kit, they also help to prevent you and your clients from breathing in the lash glue fumes and keeps your glue cool! The surface of the lash glue stone keeps your glue’s temperature lower and ensures every drop remains fresher for longer, as well as making it easier to administer your drops of lash glue. 

Top tip: Pair your lash glue stone with Glue Stone Stickers for the ultimate mess free treatment!

Eye lash glue on lash glue stone sticker

Spare Lash Glue Nozzles & Biodegradable Wipes

Many Lash Technicians have had the unfortunate and frustrating experience of their lash glue nozzles getting stuck in the cap! So it’s always handy to have a few spare eyelash glue nozzles in your lash kit. With spare lash glue nozzles, you can simply remove the blocked one and replace it with a clean one so you can keep on lashing. However, there’s a way you can prevent this from happening to begin with! Using Biodegradable Glue Nozzle Wipes will help you keep your glue nozzles clean and ready for use. Any air or moisture that gets into the lash glue bottle will impact the lash glue’s performance. Keeping your lash glue nozzle clean will lead to better lash extension retention as your bottle will always be airtight.

eye lash glue for eyelash extensions

Air Tight Container for Lash Glue Storage

An Air Tight Container for storing your eyelash glue is an absolute must-have accessory for every Lash Tech. Storing your lash glue in an air tight container will add another form of protection for your lash glue from moisture in the air. By keeping your lash glue in its optimal conditions, you’ll be prolonging its shelf life, enabling you to get more use out of your glue for more lash extension treatments. Also, using an air tight container will help to keep your lash glue stored in an upright position that will prevent your eyelash glue from spilling or leaking into the nozzle and lid.

Airtight container for eye lash glue storage

So those are our top lash glue accessories for looking after your glue to keep it fresh, functional, and provide your clients with the ultimate lash retention. Remember, amazing lash retention equals amazing client retention!