Pride Flag Inspired Eyelash Extension Maps

Here at London Lash, we are firm supporters of diversity, inclusivity and representation. Because of this, we love celebrating Pride Month and everything it stands for. Some of your clients may want to celebrate Pride Month or their local Pride events in style, with Pride inspired eyelash extensions sets! To help you with some styling ideas, we’ve created the ultimate lash mapping guide for a range of Pride flag inspired lash sets. Whichever Pride flag you or your clients would like to represent, we’ve got you covered! 

Original 8-Stripe Pride Flag Lash Map

This lash set is the full embodiment of the spirit of Pride. Featuring every iconic colour from the original 8-stripe Pride flag, these lashes will be giving rainbow realness! This colour palette is perfect for those clients who love to be loud and proud with their personal style. We recommend mapping this design of eyelash extensions in a spiky Squirrel style for the perfect way to elevate and enhance your client’s lashes. 

Pride flag eyelash extensions map for Lash techs

6-Stripe Pride Flag Lash Map

Similar to that of the 8-stripe Pride flag, the 6-stripe Pride flag colour palette will still deliver a bold and beautiful look, but allows you to explore a different way of mapping these vibrant lash extensions in a more Natural lash style with some brilliant spikes for emphasis.

Pride flag lash extensions map for Lash Technicians


Lesbian Pride Flag Lash Map

Inspired by the Lesbian Pride flag, this fabulous lash map features lovely warm colours that are the perfect way to show support for the gals who love gals! To create a beautiful lash set for your clients, we recommend mapping these lash extensions in a more Natural lash style with a gorgeous gradient of colour for a seamless set of lashes, but opt for the shape that suits your client best!

Lesbian Pride flag eyelash extension map


Gay Men Pride Flag Lash Map

This gay men’s Pride flag inspired lash map features cool tones similar to that of Mermaid eyelash extensions. To make your clients’ eyes really pop with this colour scheme, we would suggest mapping them in a Manga style. The longer, individual spiky lash segments will stand out perfectly against the shorter, feathery lashes, creating a flawless gradient!   

Gay Men's Pride flag lash map


Bisexual Pride Flag Lash Map

The Bisexual Pride flag features pink, purple and blue coloured lash extensions that will complement each other beautifully to create a lash look sure to turn heads! When it comes to mapping these lovely lashes, we propose creating a Cat Eye, known for its sexy flick on the outside of the eye. This will elongate your client’s eyes, whilst also adding a sweep that is both gorgeous and iconic. 

Bisexual Pride flag eye lash map


Pansexual Pride Flag Lash Map

This dazzling trio of colours will create an eye-catching lash look that is perfect for representing those who are in love with individuality. We would recommend using a Squirrel style lash map for this set. A Squirrel style lash map follows the arch of your client’s brows, and is similar to the growth of the natural eyelashes, which makes for a universal lash map which will suit the majority of your clients!

Pansexual Pride flag individual lash extensions map


Non-Binary Pride Flag Lash Map

The colours required for this set of lash extensions will definitely create a striking contrast with one another for a lively lash look. Mapping these eyelashes in a Natural style with complimentary spikes is an excellent way to design a unique look for your client’s lash set.  

Non-Binary Pride flag individual lashes map


Transgender Pride Flag Lash Map

In terms of the colours required for these lash extensions, it may seem like they err on the more subtle side with these cute pastel shades. However, that doesn’t mean that creating a stunning set of Dolly style eyelash extensions isn't an excellent way for you to help your clients unapologetically celebrate their true selves. We’ve gone for Dolly as a little nod to the Trans Pride flag being symmetrical, but you can pick any style that best suits your client! 

Transgender Pride flag lashes map


We hope you have found our guide for mapping your Pride flag inspired lashes useful – there are so many more Pride flags out there, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity take over! If you would like more examples for how you can map with those gorgeous coloured lashes, you can check out this blog post to find out more. Or if you’d like to know how you can elevate your clients’ lash looks even further, take a look at this blog to find out how to create your very own glitter lash extensions using biodegradable glitter! Get lashing, and Happy Pride!