From Lashes To Likes: Strategies For Growing Your Social Media Following

As superficial as it seems, the first thing a potential client is going to check is the amount of followers you have. The higher your following, the more likely the client will be to book an appointment. 

A large following portrays you as a reputable, trustworthy and successful lash technician. Potential clients will “trust” you more if they see that other customers love your work!

You want to make sure that the following you have is organic. So although buying followers may seem like a quick fix, in the long term this will not help you or your business.

We would recommend developing an organic following by starting out posting content for lash technicians. Post tips and photographs etc. that would interest lash technicians but not necessarily clientele. This will help you gain an audience on your profile that you can eventually switch for the final consumer. Upload those photographs displaying clientele feedback and fabulous before and after pics! 

Other ways to help gain a following include the tried and tested “follow for follow”, commenting on posts, complementing work and of course liking posts!  Support your fellow lash technicians and the love will be gratefully received and given back!

Giveaways are also a great way to boost following. Especially once you switch your content to target clientele. Perhaps run a competition for a free infill or free aftercare! Get your following to like, comment & tag a friend. This will not only increase your engagement, it will also give your business increased visibility to potential clients.  

Top Tip! Remember to switch your profile to a business profile. This allows you to gain insight into your followers such as age, gender and location. It will also show you your top posts and the posts your following engaged with the most. Check this information daily and apply it to your profile. If before and after photographs get you the most engagement, post more before and after photos! 

Leave a comment below if you found this mini series useful and let me know if there are any other topics you would like me to cover!

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