Top Money-Saving Tips For Beginner Lash Technicians

It can be really exciting when beginning your career as a Lash Technician, there’s just so much potential and creativity that awaits you on your new journey. However, with a new business also comes many decisions and factors you’ll need to consider. One of the biggest hurdles many face when starting out, is the start up costs of everything you'll need when setting up your business. So to help with this, we’ve put together a list of our top tips for how you can start your own business without breaking the bank!


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Choosing Quality Eyelash Extension Courses 


We know this tip may not sound like the most cost-effective way to save your money at first, but we believe that investing in your skills is an investment in your future. Attending a quality lash extension course is a huge benefit when you look at the bigger picture; the important skills and industry knowledge you’ll gain, will end up saving you a lot of moneyand time. Wasting money on an eyelash extension course because of its cheaper price, means that it will likely lack the level of depth and support you need as a beginner Lash Tech, and you’ll end up having to waste even more money paying for better lash courses. There is a very exact science that you’ll need to know when it comes to lash extensions and the products you’ll be using with them. Since you will be working with potentially dangerous chemicals around a very sensitive area of the body, it’s crucial that you understand how to keep your client and yourself safe. Being trained by our professional trainers on our accredited courses for Classic lash extensions and Russian Volume lashes are a great way for you to learn how to perform these treatments safely with dedicated guidance, gain valuable industry knowledge, and develop the right skills to retain your clients.


Bad lash retention as a result of poor treatment practices is the number one way to lose clients. Your lash business will only be as good as the training and development that you undertake. Another way this will also help you to boost your services, is the more qualifications you can demonstrate to your clients, the more justification and proof you’ll have for being able to charge premium prices for the services you offer.  


Invest Both MoneyAND Time Into Your Lash Tools 


It may seem costly to buy good quality equipment when you’re first starting your lash business, meaning you might be tempted to get the same equipment for a cheaper price, but we promise that buying good quality equipment the first time around will be well worth the money you spend! Again taking you back a bit to looking at the bigger picture, it will be more beneficial for you to purchase quality equipment that you have to pay a singular initial cost for, rather than having you waste more time throughout the year repeatedly buying cheaper equipment to replace the previous cheaper equipment that will inevitably break. This in turn, will also actually end up costing you more in the long run, due to the additional costs of the numerous replacements you will most likely need to buy in order to sustain your business. Another factor you should also consider when deciding whether or not to invest in quality equipment is the environmental impact those repetitive orders of cheaper equipment will have. Higher numbers of deliveries, will end up increasing your carbon footprint. Whereas more efficient transport will help to reduce those CO2 emissions!


Now that we’ve covered how to save money through your initial purchasing of your equipment, the next step is to understand how to look after your equipment and products properly. Longevity equals saving money! Storing your eyelash tweezers and eyelash glue correctly is one of the best ways to make them last. Using a tweezer holder for your lash tweezers will ensure they are safe, and protected from being accidentally knocked onto the ground by yourself, or your client. Once the tips of your eyelash tweezers are damaged, they’ll be no good to you, and you'll end up having to buy replacements. Regularly changing the nozzles on your lash glue bottles and keeping them clean with Biodegradable Glue Nozzle Wipes, is another handy way to keep your eyelash glue in top condition. You can check out this blog for a more detailed guide on the best advice for how to store your eyelash glue to make it last.


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Take Advantage of Sales!


Everyone loves a good sale, it’s a chance for you to get an absolute bargain! Well, this is why you need to take full advantage of them when they are on, so stay on the lookout so you can stock up on your lash supplies for an amazing price. You can also use sales as a great way to stock up on your disposable lash products like mascara wands, tape, etc, since they don’t have an expiration date and can be stored until you need them. We love offering fabulous deals at a great price for our loyal customers. No matter what time of the year, there's usually a lovely London Lash discount close by!


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Bulk Buying is Your Best Friend


Bulk buying your eyelash extensions and utilising any available bundles of products is the perfect way for you to save some money. When you buy bundles of products such as our ultimate 5-step Pretreatment Kit, you’ll end up saving 25%, on the individual price of the products. Purchasing your lash extensions in bulk will also mean you’ll still be getting the same amazing quality lashes, but with an even better price when it comes to delivery costs and thresholds! Since you'll be placing fewer, larger orders, you’ll actually reduce your own carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of your business. 

Bundle of pretreatment products for natural lashes before applying eyelash extensions

Use Your Social Media for FREE Marketing! 


Using popular social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are a great way to market your business and gain clientele. Many customers use these platforms to find Lash Techs and services that they are interested in. Take a look at our blog posts for more details on how to slay your Instagram photography to gain more followers and grow your business with Instagram


We hope that you’ve found our top tips to be helpful for saving your hard earned money. Starting your own lash business is a challenge - but it's definitely worth every penny!