Bonding For Success: 4 Essential Team Building Skills For Lash Technicians

As a small business owner you might be struggling with your first employees and it’s not surprising, you may not have any leadership/management experience just yet and that's okay! Managing people is harder in real life than it is in theory, so here are our best four tips on how to build a strong team who’ll lead your lash business to success.

London Lash Founder Hanna and Team

Be Positive 

No matter what problems are coming through the door, stay positive and energetic. Positivity and a good mood will help to maintain the balance in the team and make your employees enjoying working in your business. Have a team briefing before opening your doors. Ask questions and see how your team is doing. Offer a morning coffee or tea for a relaxing atmosphere and positive start to the day. Boost Lash Tech morale with team spirit, our Lash Baddie Tumbler is the perfect accessory for a Lash Artist, provide your team with cold drinks to keep positive and hydrated throughout the day.

Lash Baddie Tumbler from London Lash Pro

Set Clear Goals and Expectations 

Even though your relationships with your staff may be great, they are still business relationships. Be honest and open about what do you expect from them. Don’t be shy to tell your staff about things that you’d like them to do (for example, sanitise their trolley every evening, using clean tools and professional products) and about things/behaviour/mistakes that are deemed unacceptable (bad hygiene, poor customer service, stealing clients from colleagues etc). Be as specific about policies and be as clear as you can, it will minimise the potential problems in the future. 

Look After Your People 

Remember, you are not achieving your business goals on your own, you are achieving them together with your team. To build good relationships based on trust and support - listen to your staff, help them whenever they need your help and appreciate their hard work. Team building days or nights out can be a fantastic way to let your team relax, bond and share any thoughts and ideas on how to improve aspects of your business. It's a great way to get positive and/or constructive feedback, which in the long run will make their experience in your salon better.

Think About Your Employees Future Development 

Everyone wants to grow and develop in their career. If you want to be a great leader, you need to understand and accept that. Think of what is the next development step for each of your staff? New qualifications? Promotion for a senior therapist role? Maybe a trainer position? Help people to grow and develop within your business. If you don’t offer career opportunities - there is a high chance of your staff leaving you to find development elsewhere. Consider offering your staff Training Courses which will develop them from a Classic Lashes Technician to someone who offers Volume Lashes. Perhaps they want to delve into the world of So Henna and offer henna brow treatments? Having qualified staff will not only open the doors to new clients, but it will boost your salon credibility.

So Henna Training Course