Top Tips To Make Sure Your Lash Glue Stays FRESH!

With the Black Friday sale right around the corner and your busiest time of year following swiftly after, now’s a good time to revisit some tips and tricks on how you can ensure the glue you’re buying and using is FRESH... and stays fresh!

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How You Can Keep Lash Adhesive Fresh

If you’re checking through the Glue you currently have in stock, the first thing you should do is take the bottles you have and look at the bottom of them - assuming they’re London Lash glues, they’ll have a date printed on the bottom - this is the date that the glue was produced and you’ll have 6 months from that date (as long as it hasn’t been opened previously) to use the glue for best results. 

Lash Glue Date Of Production

Any time you purchase lash adhesive, keep it sealed until you’re going to use it otherwise it’s almost impossible to tell if it’s been opened or not - after opening, glue has 4-6 weeks before it's no longer fresh and expires, so it’s super important that it’s not opened prematurely! 

When you open your glue, take a little piece of tape and stick it to the bottle, now write the date of opening on it and replace it 4-6 weeks from that date for optimal freshness!

How We Keep Lash Glues Fresh 

Any lash glue you buy from us has at least 4 months of life in it - we order and receive a fresh batch of glue every 4-6 weeks to ensure that the glue we dispatch and you receive is super fresh so that you can be sure you’ll get all of the use out of it that you should, and your clients will have the best possible retention each and every time they visit you! When a sale is coming up, we order extra and make sure it’s produced and delivered as close to the sale dates as possible.

When we receive glue, it’s sealed inside an airtight aluminium pouch and then we store it in big airtight containers along with lots and lots of silica gel pouches, which means that it will never ever come into contact with any moisture in the air until it is opened in your salon.

If you’re still a little bit worried, our Customer Service team is always more than happy to put your mind at ease and let you know the date of production for any given glue you’re looking to purchase!

What Are Some Signs That The Glue is No Longer Fresh?

  • You don’t hear movement when you shake the bottle.
  • Despite shaking well, the lash adhesive is grey and separated when you dispense it.
  • The glue is stringy when you dispense it.
  • The glue is stringy when you pull a lash from it (this can also happen if the glue dot has been on your Jade Stone for a long time, so make sure you’re dispensing a new drop every 15-20 minutes)
  • There is white residue on the adhesive around the nozzle (this means that the nozzle has come into contact with moisture and shock polymerised - this is largely due to the nozzle not having been cleaned properly, and the lid not being put back on tightly enough after use. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the glue inside the bottle will be unusable but if moisture can get to the nozzle, it can get to the glue, so use with caution) 
  • Lashes don’t last, or they brush off during or at the end of the set (this can also be due to the lash adhesive working too rapidly, either due to room conditions or because it is a very fast glue, like Royal Bond, when something more gradually drying like Lady Bond would be a better fit for you - check these factors too, as it may not be the glue’s fault) 
  • It is more than 6 months old according to the DOP on the bottom of the bottle.
  • It has been open for more than 8 weeks.
  • It has been left on a windowsill or above a radiator instead of somewhere cool in an Airtight Container

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