Make The Most Of The Busy Season, Without Burning Out!

Burnout is real! We know as well as anyone how easy it is to take on one more client, just one more infill, just a little bit more admin… and before you know it, you're on your way home hours after you were supposed to be finished. Yes, the busy holiday season is exciting and it's amazing to see your business grow with the potential to retain a lot of new customers, but taking care of yourself is just as important, after all as a Lash Artist you want to feel your best, to perform the best.

The more you work, not giving yourself time for scheduled breaks, food and hydration, along with sleep and rest, burnout can come sooner than later. Once you've reached the stage of exhaustion you won't be able to perform the perfect lash set, focusing on details like placement or stickies, and of course, this can lead not only to poor eyelash extension sets but dissatisfied customers too.

Tired Lash Technician

So, here are some tips to help you navigate the busiest time of the year without sacrificing your health:

Don’t Overbook

This is a big one and it’s so easily done. It’s a busy time of year, you already have your regulars booking in for their lash infills and you’re more than likely attracting new clients who’d love a full set of lash extensions for the holidays. So what happens when your regular client tries to book last minute? Well, while you might normally try your very hardest to squeeze them in, you may just have to tell them no this time around! 

Yes, it’s hard to say no, especially to those regulars that you love, but it has to be done on rare occasions. As a person and as a business owner, you need to have boundaries. Something you can do, is give this client the reassurance that you will contact them in case someone cancels so they can book in, that way they will know you're thinking about them, and doing your best to fit them into your schedule.

Plan Your Lunch Breaks

One of the best ways to plan your time effectively is to use a Google calendar - it’s attached to your GMail account so it’s completely free and it’s super easy to use, just block out the time that you’ll spend on any given task, including your lunch breaks, make sure you follow your schedule so that your whole day is on track.

- If you don’t have a booking system in place yet, this is also a really great way to display your appointments - you can even colour code them for different treatments.

Taking time for a lunch break will do you more good than you realise - just that little time away from lashing where you’re sitting up straight and letting your eyes and mind rest is unbelievably beneficial.

Leave A Little Time Between Appointments

While you may think this is in case an appointment runs over, it’s actually so that you can take a little breather - have a stretch, sort your trolley out or Lash Organiser out, have some water - just spend 5 minutes on yourself. 

Nourish Yourself

DO NOT use coffee as a meal replacement. We could end this point here - sure, you’re getting a bit of a caffeine buzz and you might be getting some calories and some dopamine from it, but you’re getting little else. 

We're not saying don’t treat yourself to a coffee if it’s something you love - you absolutely deserve treats - but what we are saying is that you need to eat what will fuel you. Lots of fruit, lots of veggies, lots of protein - and DON’T cut out fat or carbs entirely, you need them to function. Hydrate yourself throughout the day to keep focused and replenish electrolytes. Our London Lash Baddie Tumbler has a 750ml capacity to help you stay hydrated through the long days.

Lash Baddie Tumbler GIF

Make sure you’re having things that take care of you, but which also make you happy - tasty things, fun things, things you actually want to make time for and enjoy. 

Make Time to Pamper Yourself

Last but not least, take some time out to pamper yourself, whether that’s a face pack and a hot bath at home, or a massage and mani/pedi, you deserve it.

There are little things you can do as well, of course - going for a walk to clear your head, reading a book, sitting down for a movie night with a friend or partner are all things that will serve to lift your spirits, and keep your mind healthy to think about other things besides lashing.

Whatever you do this festive season, make sure you’re taking time for YOU! Remember that rest is productive when it’s what your body and your mind needs.