What Is The Glamcor Capture, And Why Do You Need It? 

Getting a great picture of a finished eyelash extensions set has never been easier, and, let’s be honest, great lash photography means we are far more likely to grab the attention of potential new clients, so it’s well worth getting our photograph quality as high as we possibly can. 

Until now, the front-runner in lash photography based on its price, quality and transportability has been the Glamcor Multimedia - the lightweight design and easily adjustable LEDs were just two of the huge selling points of this lamp but now, a new challenger appears.

Glamcor Capture Adjustable Beauty Lamps

The Glamcor Capture takes lightweight and transportable to a whole new level - this beauty lamp doesn’t come with a stand to take up precious floor space, but instead clamps onto your lash bed, so it’s exactly where you need it without taking upany additional space. 

Glamcor have always been frontrunners in beauty lighting, and their newest innovation is nothing short ofgenius for Lash Techs - not only is the luminary arm completely adjustable, allowing you to get the light exactly where you need it, but this little gem comes with a second arm featuring its own mobile phone holder, so you can take those lash photos and videos to the next level. 

Glamcor Capture Beauty Lamp with LEDs

What Are The Specs?

The Glamcor Capture has five brightness settings, operated with an easy-to-access touch button on the end of the luminary, which has 168 LED bulbs. Having been designed for extensive use, the Glamcor Capture’s bulbs do not overheat as you work, meaning that as soon as you’re done, you can pack up your lamp in its carry case (super light and very sturdy) and get home, or to your next client, especially if you're a mobile Lash Artist. 

Glamcor Capture Adjustable LED Beauty Lamp

The clamp base is designed to attach onto the vast majority of beauty beds, or even your lash trolley so that you can ensure it is always exactly where you need it.

The arms are easy to adjust, meaning that the light goesexactly where you need it. Similarly, the phone holder bendsand rotates so that you can capture your magic from any angle at any time.

How Does It Compare In Terms Of Cost?

The Glamcor Multimedia will set you back £357.99 - is it worth it? Absolutely! But if you’re just starting out as a beginner Lash Tech then money and space tend to be tight. The Glamcor Capture costs only a fraction, with a price point of £169.99. This means that the extra money that you save can be put towards other lash supplies, or even other aspects of growing your business. It’s kind of a win/win for you.

The best part? Glamcor beauty lamps come with a one year guarantee in the extremely rare case of any faults, and even after that year, the wonderful team at Glamcor will still go above and beyond to help you fix any problems you come up against.